Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring (break) whites

Oh, spring break, you are here for such a short period of time. I'm very fortunate to have you, and will use these next few days well.

First, some whites:

This top is done and blocked, and needs more blocking, and will need to be blocked into submission, but here it is:

There are two fronts blocked together over the back, so you are only seeing part of it.

This linen knit isn't really white but it is light. It also looks like a bag of blah in this photo, but I'm almost done with the back and then it will look better:

This little guy is being weaned. He and Tink are separated during the day, and then come together in the evening. He is drinking water on his own, and eating pellets, so really doesn't need to nurse any longer. Sad alpaca is sad.

OK not that sad. Yes, he is surrounded by carrots that he won't eat yet.

Shearing is in a few weeks and then he'll be in with some gelded boys while he grows up a little bit more.

In other news, we've been watching three new TV shows that you may be interested in:

"Instinct"--kind of "Murder She Wrote" but with Alan Cumming in the title role and he lives in NYC, not wherever Angela Lansbury lived. It is a police procedural where he 'helps' the helpless younger woman detective who goes by the book where he uses his superior intellect (and his past experiences in the CIA) to find the murderer. It is a cozy on TV, and kind of silly, but I love Alan Cumming and if you do too you should watch this show.

"Trust"--this is the J. Paul Getty mini series that is on FX. Donald Sutherland stars as Getty, and it is opulent and sleazy and kind of nuts. So of course I like it.

"The Terror"--this is on AMC and is about two British ships trying to get to the Northwest Passage.  It also is beautifully done, and has some great actors in it, and after watching the first two episodes we're not sure where it's going. The ships 'disappeared' and so obviously no one knows what happened, but there's all kinds of psychological craziness happening. You should try this one too.

I also finished "Indecent" which wasn't that good so don't read it.

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Anonymous said...

Your little one is growing up quickly. He sure is a cutie pie.