Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sprung forward

Blech. Time change. I tend to not like it, given how precarious my sleeping habits are. I also like it better when it happens during spring break, so my brain fuzziness is less noticeable. But anyway, we sprung forward and so be it. Moving on!

Yesterday was a busy day. We drove to a granite showroom in Salem (about an hour north of here) to look at (duh) granite. Our GC likes these people--they are about an hour from the house. They also are the only people I can find that had one type of granite that I didn't hate (I tend to not like granite that well). Anyway--we looked at the granite and I didn't hate it but I didn't love it. So we wandered around the showroom and found one we both actually like. It is called "Viscon White" or "Silver Cloud":

And then committing to that led us to figure out a few other things, like the backsplash (we are leaning toward mosaic tiles installed vertically--but that's not a guarantee).

We got home around 1, walked the dogs, and then I went to the farm. One of the alpacas is ill, and the prognosis is not good, so I wanted to see her and Ann. There were a few groups visiting and the alpacas were very entertaining. Calypso is such a friendly guy. It is getting to be time to wean him and we'll see what happens there.

Then I came home and we talked about the house and then met friends for dinner at a new-ish restaurant. It was OK, not great, and the bartender was very slow (but we had a free round of drinks, so there's that).

Today is a beautiful sunny day so we'll walk the dogs and I may weed. And I'll work on this mindless sock which is coming along:

Dashing Dachs, I think, in Starry Night colors.


KSD said...

Sounds like a fairly nice Sunday. Enjoy.

alison said...

Why not something other than granite, then? Quartz seems to be the trend now.

kathy b said...

You got so much done! Picking counters, tiles and the like was ovewhelming to me. I finally found aphoto I liked in a magazine and just copied it! I love your choice. Im so sorry about the sick alpaca. I haven't watched enough incredible doc pol to diagnose it yet, but I'll say a prayer . Nice to get a free round of drinks!

Kim in Oregon said...

In answer to Alison--DH is a geologist that really wants to have something geologically interesting on the counter. I could have lobbied for quartz or some other material but I really wanted to see if we could get granite to work.

Kathy--I found a photo with the granite and the backsplash and that brought it all together. Yay other people making decisions!

Alison said...

Kim, understood on the granite. I don't much like it myself--too hard to see crumbs, etc.--and was happy to find someone else who didn't like it! Glad you did find one that worked for you.