Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Welcome to the Project of Dropped Stitches

I'm working on this tank thingee, and dropping stitches like a champ:

Gah you can even see them from far away. I have to fix that.

Anyway, not much except end of term busy-ness and I just had an AWFUL  meeting and my head hurts. How are you?


kathy b said...

Oh Kim. So sorry. It is not like you to drop stitches.
Im trying to chase the March blues by keeping busy. I miscarried in March Many YEARS ago and the tearsstill come around about now. Plus my mom was very Irish and loved St. Patricks Day. This is my first year without mom, so last night I just sobbed. ANd then I FELT better. Much better.
Today's better too I . VOlunteered at the barn for the big Tack sale this weekend, this morning. Friends invited us last minute to dinner out tonight and Im going! must stay busy. It really helps me to socialize.
Socks are my go to. I'll be knitting socks tonight and tomorrow.
Are you sorry you asked? Thanks for listening. :) Im okay really. I was just surprised at my sudden sobbing last night. I know you will pick up those stitches in no time. Im loving seeing your house plans

kathy b said...

The yarn Im making socks with that you like is 6 ply Indulgence. Im looking for the color tag