Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Well hello

I've not been a good blogger, I apologize. We are in week 9 of winter term (out of 10) and in general, this is the week when people who have forgotten to do a ton of stuff during winter term get all freaked out about getting stuff done before spring break. I went in to the office on Monday with only two meetings scheduled and got subsumed by people coming by my office and needing stuff. Today I'm working at home, using pomodoros, and getting stuff done.


OK the stars indicated when I have to stop blogging and go back to work (I have a focused 25 minutes of work followed by a 5 minute break. This is my break). I have been working on the summer top, and here is what i have so far:

I've mentioned that I really like seed stitch, especially with cotton yarns. I find I don't get those weird 'row out' situations and the fabric is really nice. This is the front.

I've done a bit of work on the Lindy Chain top but not so much on the others. I'm guessing I'll pick up the fair isle sleeve sweater once spring break is here (although what if the weather is warm? WILL I LOVE IT STILL?).

I finished a pretty good book last night--"The Queen of Hearts" by Kimmery Martin. It is about two doctors who become friends in med school and stay friends, until a secret threatens to rip their friendship apart.


The book was pretty good--it was less about being a doctor than being a busy mom living an upscale lifestyle but it was pretty well written, the author clearly knows doctor stuff so that was helpful (can you tell I'm trying to write this quickly during my five minute break?)

Other than that--my cold is better, I'm looking forward to a little break during spring break, I continue to love pomodoros, and I hope you are well!


Anonymous said...

I found the Prince Charles book you read. It's now sitting on my bookshelf waiting its turn.

Glad to read that you are feeling better. I think seed stitch in cotton looks nice too. :-)

kathy b said...

I love the look of seed stitch but I don't like al the purling. I'm glad you will be on break sooN!!!