Thursday, April 19, 2018

A day of firsts! Ok a few firsts.

My M/W schedule this term is kind of intense--I am in the office from 7:30 til 4:30 with no breaks, really, as I have non stop students coming in starting around 8:30 and then two classes back to back from 12-4. I had thought I'd have M/W mornings free to review stuff for classes but it isn't working out that way--I have students coming in to talk about their theses (I'm on six undergrad committees this year, all finishing up this term), a few grad students I'm doing projects with, admissions for our Honors program, and so hopefully that will all start to get wrapped up. I did have a student come in yesterday who had totally blown off her thesis, but the starts aligned for her--she wanted to do a study of *something* on community bike sharing programs and I just happen to have our new community bike sharing program as a client this term so I got her on a path to glory.

Certainly I have plenty of time during Tuesday and Thursday (Fridays tend to be meeting-heavy) to do stuff like grade and prep upcoming classes, but so often it gets to be 4:30 and I realize I have not stepped outside for the entire day and that is just crazy making.

So all this is coming around to sharing the first of yesterday! It wasn't raining (first time in a long time), the first time it was above 60 degrees maybe this year (maybe I exaggerate) and thus, the first outdoor class of the year! I took the graduate class (15 students) outside and we had our reading discussion outside. And OH that means I also have my first sunburn of the year, on half of my face so I look a bit like Phantom of the Opera, but that's OK. And the sunburn started to fade already (and note to self: remember you have many types of oxybenzone-free sunscreen in your office so take that with you!).

Anyway, these socks are done:

This makes them look like they are greatly different sizes. Trust me, they aren't.

I cast on the toe for a pair of socks for Tim using the yarn that I lusted for on Kathy's blog a while back: it's a six ply that is really soft. I'll show you soon.

And to answer questions on shearing: yes, Calypso will be shorn! He will look so skinny. There will be several dozen people helping at the shearing (really, you only need about 8) but hopefully I'll be helpful since the alpacas don't really scare me.  Stay tuned for those pics too!


rosy said...

Already tuned for the alpaca pics!

kathy b said...

LUCKy students with the bike idea!
I love your socks and trust they are both the same size. Every photo doesnt have to be perfect for me!
As for the yarn you wanted on my blog....hmmmmmmm can't recall which one you liked? Will be fun to see
and to see Calypso....shorn.....can't wait. I can't wait to see what you do with it all.

Anonymous said...

Love the stripey socks. You'll have to post a photo of poor, skinny Calypso!!!

KSD said...

No classes on Fridays? Are you on quarters or semesters?