Thursday, April 05, 2018

Almost a FO!

I finished this over the weekend (finished in terms of the knitting stuff--and the shoulders are connected, yay, but the ends need weaving in and it needs blocking). BUT--I tried it on and it will be PERFECT for summer--it is the right length (I made it a little longer than the pattern called for), it is loose but not voluminous (which is great when it gets hot out) and I got the armholes just right---they aren't gappy in the least. So this is a win! And I will probably knit another one as I have the yarn for it (Lindy Chain).

At first I thought I'd have to wear a camisole with it--the lace center parts starts around my belly button, but right now it is pretty tight and doesn't make me feel like I'm walking around showing off a lot of skin. I may change the pattern in future tees to do a cable or something that feels less 'hole-y' but I'm guessing once summer is here I'll be fine with the inch wide lace motif on it.

Plus it will be like having my own personal air conditioning, right?

This is Thursday of the first week and my Mondays and Wednesdays are intense with teaching and meetings and Tuesdays are intense with prep. I'm hoping to have today more of a research day and will use Friday for prep for the upcoming week. I know there's nothing more boring about reading about a professor's continual prep/teach/research cycle so I apologize. Nothing else to discuss right now though!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the perfect summer top. Personal air conditioning can only be a GOOD thing in the heat of summer.

Vera said...

Oh gosh! That top is gorgeous!!! It will be perfect for summer and it looks like something that can be dressy or casual. personal air conditioning is always welcome!!

kathy b said...

The top is really really pretty. I love the lacey bottom. You will rock it!
I never mind hearing about our ordinary lives. Your job is always of interest to me.

rosy said...

I'm fascinated by your work. I can't quite imagine what it is like as it is so different from anything I have known. Please keep writing!