Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter Eggs

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

A 'contemporary' definition of Easter Egg is "an intentional inside joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature of a work." I'm defining it as finding an almost finished object in a knitting basket during the week before Easter and finishing it up.

Thus, Romeo.

This was supposed to be a 'wrap' and I had probably another foot of knitting needed on it. But then I thought--couldn't it be a cowl?

Yes, yes it could be a cowl.

So I hemmed it and blocked it and now I have a cowl and a finished object AND an Easter egg.

It is quite pretty but I remember it drove me nuts when I was knitting on it.


Anonymous said...

It makes a PERFECT cowl!

Caffeine Girl said...

Brilliant idea. It is a gorgeous cowl. I can see that it took a lot of concentration to knit. But you did it!

Vera said...

A great and BEAUTIFUL idea!!

kathy b said...

It is a perfect cowl Kim. Great finish and great way to be creative!

rosy said...

It's beautiful. I love the colourways!