Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mostly just a bunch of pictures and one insight.

The insight first: felting is a  leap of faith. I think I knew in my heart of knitting hearts that the formation of original slippers for MSP was not as 'square' as it should have been but I threw them in the washer anyway:

These are probably good for someone who wears a woman's size 5-7 shoe. Because they don't fit great on my size 9s. But that's the goal, I keep reminding myself, that's the goal--to have lots of different pairs of slippers.

I went to the farm to visit the alpacas yesterday and the boys just wanted to run:

From the left--Calypso, Navarre, Grifin and Atom. They are running around, happy to be out in the big field.

And speaking of Calypso:

There is a painter named Jerry Ross who has a studio at the farm and he did a painting of Calypso. It is gorgeous (I'll post another one with it taken straight on) and of course I had to have it. We hung it in the corner of our living room and I thnk it looks great!

Changing the subject abruptly: the dogwood is in bloom:

This tree got bent over in an ice storm two winters ago and has never quite recovered, it is still pretty though.

And the lilacs are lilacking:

But it is kind of hard to see in this picture. I may have to go pick some and bring them inside.

Happy Sunday!

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kathy b said...

oh the Calypso painting is just wonderful! As for the slippers, the magic of felting makes it fun. SOMEONE will fit those perfectly. I do have a favorite slipper pattern I will pull for you if you wish. THey stay up so nicely and are knitted in dk. Let me know and I'll look for it.