Friday, April 27, 2018

My Slipper Project (henceforth to be known as MSP)

So, I realized yesterday that all my knitting has taken a 'Fifty Shades of Gray' turn in that everything I am currently knitting (save the 'on hold' shawl) is either black, white or gray. And I have yarn I want to cast on for another type and it is -- wait for it-- gray.

(Do you write gray or grey? One is American and one is British and I forget which is which).

I digress. I wanted something a bit more colorful to work on and then remembered a project I had in the back of my mind--MSP. When we move into the new house, we'll have beautiful new wood floors and we will want to do our best to keep them looking good. Given we'll be at the coast, with sand etcetera, we will be having a 'no shoes' house but since it can be kind of damp and cold there, we want to have everyone who comes by to have access to slippers to wear in the house.

So I'm going to make a bunch of pairs (let's say 8 maybe?) of felted slippers in a variety of shapes and sizes. They go fast, they use up stash, and they'll be useful. And colorful. Win win!

I have printed out a bunch of patterns but started this one first:

This is one of those patterns where you knit a bunch of squares and then fold and seam to a slipper, then felt. There are two side pieces to that get involved (on the right piece, there's a right one at the top and a dark blue one at the bottom).  Yeah, I'm not sure either but the directions are very clear and you'll see what happens. Then into the washing machine and felting!

Here's what's coming up this weekend on the blog:
-washed fleece so Kathy can see what Calypso's fleece looks like
-a special thank you to my Twinster
-whatever else I get in my head.


kathy b said...

I've made a similar slipper! I think your idea to have some at the doorway is just perfect. You'll knit up a whole bunch of them I'm sure. I take it you won't start with grey!

KSD said...

I use "a" or "e" depending upon the words around it. It's all about the look.

alison said...

grAy = American
grEy = English

That said, I'm American and prefer the spelling grey.