Sunday, April 15, 2018


A bunch of projects to show you today.

First are the socks I work on in the car when we're driving to the coast to see the house progress.
They're fun and bright. I'm also to the ribbing on the legs.

I have also cast on for Eavesdrop in (you guessed it) Lindy Chain from Knit Picks. This pattern uses 'sequence knitting' for the yoke--it creates a texture pattern that is kind of nutty because sometimes you stop in the middle of a stitch pattern--anyway--you can read more about it  here .

There are a bunch  of sequence knitting patterns on Rav, as I'm guessing you might not want to commit to an expensive hardback book to learn more.

Not much to see, sorry.

We also took a trip to see the house yesterday. Sheetrock is up and drying out (there were a few giant heaters running):

The house isn't painted yet, but here is what it looks like from the outside.

Tim and Comet in the kitchen, The door to the left leads to the pantry.

Standing in the great room, looking toward the dining room and the kitchen. Isn't the vault in the ceiling great?

Standing in the dining room, looking at the great room. The yellow thing is where the Tulikivi stove will go, the steps to the downstairs are behind that, and the door to the right goes to our bedroom.

Our bedroom.

The shower is on the right. The sauna is on the left. Yes, we are having a sauna in the house.

It is all feeling very real and exciting right now!


Anonymous said...

Getting closer and closer! Sounds like it is going to be a wonderful place to relax.

Caffeine Girl said...

You and Tim have put together a marvelous house. Can't wait to see it finished.

Vera said...

Love the vaulted ceiling and all the windows in your bedroom! And your socks are great - fun colors in that yarn.

kathy b said...

That house is awesome KIM!!!!! You both seem patient and happy with the progress. Im happy for you.
Your socks are so fun!

rosy said...

Wow!! How exciting it is! It looks magnificent. I am very jealous. :)

KSD said...

The house is drool-worthy! (Comet may have covered that already...)

Why are you enjoying Lindy Chain so much? Weight? Hand? Drape? I've looked at it a lot and may just have to pull the trigger based on your recommendation.