Thursday, April 12, 2018

Questions from Kathy and More!

Let's start out with some questions from Kathy:
*Have you had a hostess cupcake knock off? Probably but not recently.
*Have you heard of rolled ice cream?  (Thai origin?) No, but it sounds good!
*Do you have a favorite Episode of a favorite Tv show? I love the episode of "The Office" when Michael and Jan have a dinner party.
*Do you have a hammock? No! But I have a great memory of lying in a hammock at an eco-resort, Selva Bananita, in Costa Rica.
*Have you knit outside lately? ha ha ha ha no.
*What is your go to Dk or aran  weight yarn? Is Cascade 220 Aran weight? Probably that if it is.
*What’s your noisiest appliance? Does the fan on the over-the-stove microwave count?  Because that.
*Is it easier for you to give yourself some slack or someone else? Neither is particularly easy for me!
*How many circular needles do you own? Beyond the scope of our counting abilities.
*Name of sign of Spring you are happy to see ! All the tulips in the front yard!

This isn't a good picture (the color isn't nearly this saturated), but it is coming along:


Bridget said...

Oh *that's* pretty!

(I would walk through fire to get to a Hostess cupcake.)

Anonymous said...

I love the sheen on that yarn.

kathy b said...

Oh I LOVE your knitting. The dark color is popping the pattern!
Thanks for always .....answering my questions!