Saturday, April 21, 2018

Satamran (Saturday morning random)

I just made up a word! Satamran! It rolls off the tongue, yes?

Anyway, here is what is happening in my world:

  • I finished week 3--only 7 more to go! 
  • I finished a manuscript that is due in May, which is good, since other stuff will call me. Happy that one thing is done though!
  • Eavesdrop still looks like nothing:
    It is taking a while because it is fingering weight yarn on size 2 needles where I'm knitting the front, the sleeves and the back all at once. The fronts are stockinette and the sleeves and back are 'cascade' knitting which is a knit/purl pattern that is sort of mindless but sort of not. Right now there are probably more than 250 stitches on this, and I have still have about ten rows before the sleeves are bound off. I can do about 3 rows an hour (yikes) on this so I have a bit more to do.
  • Shearing tomorrow! It has stopped raining so the pacas should all be dry. That's good! Ann has a huge crowd of people so it is more like an all day work party. I should be sore and tired and happy by the end of the day tomorrow.
  • I have started a few different books but none are 'sticking'. Maybe I'll hit on one soon. I think I have so much work stuff on my head that it is challenging for my mind to settle. 
  • I subscribe to the "Craft Gossip Newsletter" and take a quick scan of it every day. Some crafts are kind of cute but most have me wondering 'who has time to do all these things? Or the supplies?' Anyway, today there was a link to the which I read because I wanted to see what will soon to be passe. TLDR: these things are on their way out: millenial pink, the rustic look, burlap, the farmhouse look, and inspirational signs. In some ways, this seems to be a bit of a lazy post as someone realized that "Fixer Upper" is going off the air and just listed things that occur on that show. And aren't the rustic look and the farmhouse look pretty much the same thing? Anyway, you might be interested in learning more, so go ahead.
  • I knit on a mindless sock for Tim. This is yarn recommended by Kathy called Indulgence 6-ply. It is a merino blend and very very soft.
    And that's it for Satamran! Enjoy yours!

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