Saturday, April 28, 2018

Satamran (Saturday Morning Random)

Our warm weather cooled off with lots of rain but today seems pretty. So many things are in bloom and I need to take pictures today. But anyway, on to Satamran.

1. I finished (but haven't felted) the first pair in MSP. The one on the left is looking 'top down' and the one on the right is the side view. I'm really hoping all this isn't superwash.
2. Lovely surprises in the mail from my Twinnie or as the Spellcheck refers to her, my Twinkie. First a project bag (as pretty inside as outside):
3. And then a notebook that I know exactly what I'm going to put in it:
4. Kathy asked to see pictures of Calypso's fleece. It needs a good wash, but this was about a fifth of it:

Here is a lock before washing:
It's really long, which is good.

And I hand washed a little bit:

I'll show you again when it is dry. But this is maybe six or seven inches long. Really beautiful.

5. I tried to read "The Only Story" by Julian Barnes but could only get about 2/3 of the way through because it is the most depressing story I've ever read ever. Ever. If you like depressing stories, this is the novel for you.

6. In the 'good news' category: I received a $3000 grant for some summer research I want to do. Yay me!


Caffeine Girl said...

It must feel so amazing to see Calypso's fur (hair?) turn into useable fiber!
Julian Barnes is a great writer, but I can't always finish his books.

KSD said...

If I can call Calypso "Bomber," Spellcheck can call me "Twinkie."

Who's you and who's me on the cover of the journal?