Friday, April 06, 2018

So let's talk about yesterday

I had big big plans for yesterday--I had two writing projects I was going to dive into and really make some progress. I was going to take a  REAL lunch break and work for an hour on Rheinlust. I was going to make a nice dinner. It was going to be great! And the tulips are ready to open up!

And Thursday started fine. The dogs and I got a bit wet during our walk since it was raining, but I didn't think that much about it. I did some work on prep, took a shower, and went to the car to go to the grocery store.

Ach. First problem. I left the sunroof open on Wednesday! It was such a nice day, coming home from work I opened it up.  So I forgot to close it. The front seats were soaked, but that was it---and the car doesn't have electric seats or anything. So when I got home from the grocery, I hung a hair dryer in the car and tried to dry it out. It seemed to work ok.

Normally, I can roll with that kind of 'glitch' in my day. When I got back inside from setting up the hair dryer, I noticed a bright flash in  my eye when I opened up the computer, and wondered if there was just a computer screen glitch that I was reacting to. Then it started--a constant stream of 'c' shapes appearing in light form on the top and left side of my vision in my right eye, accompanied by active floaters (or maybe one floater, hard to say). I would get a few 'c' shapes, it would stop, and then I would move my head and it would happen again. I kept thinking it would go away. After about an hour and a half, I called my eye doctor and after answering a few questions to show that it wasn't an EMERGENCY emergency, we set a time for later in the afternoon to go.

In the meantime, what looked like a good sized floater appeared to 'stop' in my left eye, in my line of vision, so there was a small fuzzy place in my site.

I tried to work and I am looking forward to reading my writing, because I'm sure it is kind of crazy. I was pretty tense but knew that if it was a HORRIFIC emergency my eye doctor would get me in there immediately (we know each other pretty well, she's great).

At some point, something happened where I said to myself 'it's over now'---the lights no longer flashed, the floater moved away, and I felt much like myself. I still went in to the doctor (that is how freaked out I was) and had a bunch of images done (she has this AWESOME equipment where you don't have to get dilated).

And so the conclusion was: it was two probably unrelated events happening simultaneously. First was the ocular migraine, which was the lights and the little dot (I've had one other ocular migraine, and it was completely different). The second event was something called a PVD or post vitreous detachment, which is a scary term for when your eye releases a floater. The vitreous gets less gummy as we age and this happens to 60% of people in my age group, and is even  more likely when one is extremely near sighted (as I am). I'll need to get imaging fairly often for a while to make sure things stay kind of static.

So I'm fine. But what a day!

There was mindless knitting.

 I know it looks like a skirt but it is a tunic type summer top. I manipulated it so you could see the gusset thing where the shaping takes places.
It's cute.


Vera said...

Yikes! That would have freaked me out for sure. Glad everything seems to be ok. What pattern for the tunic? It's a great summer color.

Kim in Oregon said...

Vera--it is:

kathy b said...

Kim, the fact that you got something done is just amazing. I have floaters and when they first started I was very worried. They have not progressed at all. Sorry about the sunroof ! That kind of thing happens to all of us. Your hair dryer move was genius!!

rosy said...

Glad you are ok but a scary time! Your summer top looks lovely and such a pretty colour ~ just right for warm weather.