Sunday, April 08, 2018

Sunday update

Hello and happy Sunday! We are having a very blustery weekend--we had speedy wind gusts yesterday and lots of rain. Today it is just cloudy and misty. Fortunately, the electricity stayed on!
And thank you for your comments about my crazy eye thing. The left eye is still a little odd (this is to be expected)--I can see fine and all, and as long as I avoid looking at bright lights it isn't very bothersome. But that was a freaky thing.

I finished the first quarter of the body of the Bolan:

I need to finish off the sleeves and then I pick up stitches along the left hand side for the other half of the back. It is cool construction and I like this pattern a lot.

I'm even used to doing black lace.

Last night we watched an episode of Masterpiece Theatre called "The Child in Time".  It was a bit odd. It was a novelization of a Ian McEwan novel and I think it might have been better as a novel. But, it has Benedict Cumberbatch in it as well as Kelly McDonald and we like them both. So there's that.

I read a short book yesterday called "Good Neighbors" by Joanne Serling. It was interesting, and a great rainy day book, about how we put up a 'front' to our neighbors and how our neighbors sometimes know things about us that are, um, problematic.

Basically, it has been a nice quiet weekend, and it will continue. Enjoy Sunday!


Caffeine Girl said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. We are also having wintery weather, so it's good for knitting.
Black lace? You are a knitting master.

Anonymous said...

I thought Good Neighbors sounded interesting so I checked it out on Goodreads. While it still sounds interesting, I think the subject matter cuts a little too close to the bone for me. I have a friend that adopted a Russian orphan was NOT an easy time for them or anyone that knew them.

Thankfully, she is now an adult and seems on the right track, but boy-oh-boy, I'm sure some of our neighbors had something to say in the early days.

Kim in Oregon said...

Dee--it definitely is not a book for you.

kathy b said...

Your black knitting looks amazing lady! Black can be so difficult to work with and you are rocking it

rosy said...

Oh The Child in Time. It was on over here as well. A friend read the book some time ago so I know the plot. I couldn't watch it.