Tuesday, April 17, 2018

That top

Bolan is coming along. I finished one half of the back and picked up stitches to do the second half of the back:

You can see that the lace pattern moves in different directions, and there is a 'visible' seam that joins the two. It kind of works, especially in a dark yarn.

And I know it kind of looks like a crop top, but that's just because the 'lower part' is bunched up on a straight needle so I could stretch out the lacey part.

I like this pattern, the lace is just enough for tv-watching knitting.

Let's see, a couple of catch ups. We are watching "Unforgotten" on Masterpiece Mystery and it is really good. You should take a look! We also watched "Phantom Thread" over the weekend. It is an odd little movie.

I read "Sophia of Silicon Valley" as part of my reading about technological biases, and it was OK. It was research! Sort of.

Work life continues to be busy, but good. And the sun is out and rain seems to have abated. Which is important as we shear the alpacas on Sunday and they need time to dry out!


Vera said...

The top looks great!! I tried to watch the first episode of "Unforgotten," but fell asleep. My husband has been watching and enjoying it a lot. I've heard Phantom Thread is a bit strange...I'm anxious to see it. Shearing!!! Hope it is dry.

kathy b said...

Oh alpaca shearing sounds very fun!!! Will calypso be ready to shear?
Our sun is out too. (i do know we share the same sun) The birds are all singing despite the snow. I need to take a cue from them! Your top with lace is a beauty. I can't believe you can do lace as you watch TV!!

Anonymous said...

Love the lacy bit. Very pretty.

Caffeine Girl said...

The sweater looks lovely. I can't believe how quickly you can knit a sweater!

rosy said...

I love that colour ~ it looks like denim and is very attractive. It is nice to read about the alpacas. I went with Frankie, Lucia and Kiki to a little children's farm last summer specifically to see the alpacas they have there but we enjoyed the other animals as well. It was a lovely trip but really further into London than I am happy to drive. We may venture forth again though!