Tuesday, April 03, 2018


Yesterday was the first day of spring term and it went fine, other than the Bookstore lost my book order and so didn't order it (I recovered--there's a documentary that goes along with the book and one can view it for free online so they'll watch that instead). I have 32 in one class and 15 in the other and the classes go 12-2 and 2-4 so it is kind of intense on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. But it should be fine.

The weekend was quiet--not much happening on the house so we didn't go over there (waiting for sheetrock). We watched "Lady Bird" which was delightful although it brings up a lot of not-great memories about growing up---but those are behind us now so let's all just move on). Tim made a nice dinner for Easter and we took a long walk with the dogs and we all enjoyed that.

I cast on for Bolan and now I know why you're not supposed to knit lace with black yarn.

It is an interesting construction--you knit one half (the lace goes at the top) of the back, and then pick up stitches and do a mirror image of the back (and the same for the front). I'm using my current favorite yarn, Lindy Chain.

Over the weekend, I read the book "Just the funny parts" by Nell Scovell, a great book about breaking into the writing business. Not anything deep, by any means, but worth a read.


Anonymous said...

Bolan is pretty. I'll be looking forward to seeing this one progress.

Vera said...

Bolan really is very pretty and will be gorgeous in black...but I'm glad it's you knitting it and not me - lol

KSD said...

And yet, black lace is so gorgeous.

kathy b said...

Your knitting, Kim, is always lovely. Black lace!!! The ultimate challenge...and You are nailing it!