Thursday, May 03, 2018

Getting there!

This top is getting there:
and it may be finished this week (maybe).

The house is getting there: the inside and outside are painted (blue outside, white inside), cabinets and counters are getting sorted, the tile is about to go in--pictures soon.

The term is getting there: even though we have five weeks of class time left, the last week is presentations and the second to last week is Memorial day and 'work day' so I really only have three weeks left of teaching. That is doable (although lots of grading and 12 theses to be defended).

I read a good book: The Feather Thief which is pretty much The Orchid Thief with feathers (jk) (but not really). Really really interesting story about someone who stole a bunch of beautiful bird feathers from a natural history museum. For fly-tying. You can't make this stuff up.


Vera said...

The Feather Thief sounds like fun (especially since I remember watching my brothers tie flies). Won't be long now till he semester is finis!!!

kathy b said...

Oh your house is getting so close! KIM!! you must be very excited. I liked th ORchid theif...
Your dark top amazes me. That's hard on the eyes.