Sunday, May 27, 2018

Happy Day

It is the middle of Memorial Day weekend, and I hope you are having a good one!

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to see the house. We hadn't been for a few weeks and we knew some stuff had been done so we knew there would be a lot to see. On the way, I knit on a sock for Tim that I think has been exclusively a 'knit in the car' sock (usually Tim drives over, and I drive back).

 This yarn is "Indulgence Six Ply" that Kathy has made some socks from, and it is lovely. Obviously the two pairs won't match at all.

OK now some pictures of the house. First is the Tulikivi. This will be the main heating element of the house (we do have other heats just in case). This is a masonry stove meaning it holds in the heat, so if there was a fire burning in it you could touch the stove, unlike a regular wood stove.  This was a 'given' in designing the house and we're so excited that it is now in! It needs a chimney, of course, and our Tulikivi guy, Uwe, wants to come out for the 'first burn' which will probably be later this summer (I don't think we've ever been to the coast and not had a fire in the fireplace, regardless of the time of year).

The custom cabinets are in! We have alder cabinets in the kitchen, the master bath, and the utility room. Our viewpoint on the kitchen to date has been concern that it was too small, and now we see tht there is plenty of room in it for two people and a dog! Probably two dogs! Yoiu can also see the trim around the windows and doors and that the tile has been laid (but not grouted).
 A close up of the tiles. These are in the kitchen, bathroom and utility room. It is off white with flecks of brown (to match the cabinets) and grey (to match the stove).

It is fun to see the other stuff we've picked out--the tile and wall for the shower and the sinks, for example--sitting around waiting to be put in.

We are maybe six weeks away from finishing!


kathy b said...

So very fun to see the house evolving....blosssoming! Love the socks colors!!

Vera said...

This is fun to watch and I do LOVE that stove! The socks are fun for sure.