Friday, May 25, 2018

Long and Longer

Long: It's a long weekend! Hooray! Next week is week 9, the second to last week of the term. Hooray! AND I don't have class on Monday because of the holiday, and Wednesday is a work day, so next week is truly the calm before the storm. I expected to have three theses in my email box this morning, but so far---crickets. Not sure what that means but it is OK--I will have ample time next week to read theses (famous last words).

Longer: I added a few inches to the Construction Zone top and now it is soaking and I'll block it and see what's what with that. I think it should work this time.

Belong: I'm part of an Office Supplies Swap in an academic group on Ravelry and I received my swap package the other day (I have the things to send to the person I'm swapping with, just need to package them up and mail them, maybe that is a good thing to work on this weekend).

Behold: office supplies including a journal from the Writer's Museum, some bookmarks, and Office Supply themed office supplies! There are file folders (which I love) and some envelopes too. What a great swap!

Long ago: I'm reading "Chasing Hillary", a book written by a NYT reporter assigned to Hillary during her recent campaign. It is pretty interesting, and gives some insight on what happened, but not in an overly serious political analysis way. Mostly in a personal, "I don't connect well with her" way.

This weekend we'll head over to the house on the coast. There's been a LOT of activity surrounding that, including the installation of the Tulikivi, which is our soapstone stove:

There's also tile and we've not sure how much of that is in, and there are cabinets in as well. So it should be starting to look like a house!


Caffeine Girl said...

I've been wondering if Chasing Hilary is worth reading. I'm not sure how more Hilary I want. I think she's pretty washed up at this point.

That stove is just beautiful!

Vera said...

LOVE the stove - beautiful!