Saturday, May 12, 2018


Happy Saturday! The dogs let me sleep til 6:15 this morning, and then we were up and out on a long (almost four mile) walk. It's 9am and we've done the walk, I've made breakfast, read a dissertation proposal and reviewed a manuscript. BAM!

Yesterday morning was a good day at the farm:

Calypso is growing very quickly---he is all legs as most teenage boys are. His fleece is already growing back and is quite soft.

This picture makes me so happy! On the left is Atom, my huacaya fiber boy. On the right is Calypso, who is a suri--you can see the difference between the two here! Atom is a bit bigger but Calypso is uphill from him so they look about the same height.

This guy had a good day:

This is Kokopelli (with Ann). He had a good day BECAUSE we bred him to Tinkerbell! We are going for a third cria (Calypso is their second, Georgia is their first, and now hopefully we'll have a third cria!). I'm excited, of course, and hope it all goes well.

When a male and a female breed, the male 'orgles' which stimulates the female to be accepting of his gift to her. If you've never heard orgling, you are in for a treat (not really):

The first spit test will be next week, so maybe next spring we'll have another cria!

To end, here are a few photos from the walk this morning:

Have a great Saturday!

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Caffeine Girl said...

That does look like a leggy teenager!
So much color. We are just getting green here.
It would be fun to have another cria!