Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Everyone at my school has senioritis--students, faculty, staff. Everyone just wants the whole darn school year to just finish. NOW. These last few weeks are so hard--mostly because the first half of the calendar year is intense. We start back right after New Years, have a ten week term and finals, have a week off (where faculty basically have to plan out the spring term), then start it all up again at the end of March for 11 weeks.  And now, everyone is scrambling to get stuff done by the end of the year.  I keep reminding myself it will be over soon, but it is hard to teach a 2 hour class when it is so clear that everyone doesn't want to be there. Oh well. Almost done.

All my knitting seems to be like the term--never ending. Here is the white top, which I really want to wear:

But it needs probably another six inches. It will be cute though.

Lots of house stuff happening--the cabinets are in, the Tulikivi is being installed this week, and that means the tile is in. Can't wait to see it! We'll go visit this weekend.

Thanks for listening to me blather.

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kathy b said...

i dont mind blather. You remind me how lucky I am to be retired. I'm excited for your new home. I always got so anxious for the academic year to end when I was a student. I was one of those!