Wednesday, May 23, 2018

SHAWL we have some fun?

You know that Kathy's quoras are one of my favorite things about the blogaverse! Let's answer some questions.

*1.  The 3 robin babies are growing so fast.  Do you peek at a nest or leave it be?
I rarely see birds in a nest. So I leave it be.
*2. Have you chased a dream to find you really didn’t find the PURL  in the oyster.
NO? I'm not sure exactly what this means.
*3. When was the last time you SLIPPED?
Oh lordy I slip all the time. 
*4. Name the photo below if it were a skein of yarn. 
Planting the Garden. And it would be a great colorway!
*5 My winter knits are washed and  put away.  (2 scarves, 8 hats, 3 vests, one sweater, 2 shawls, 12 pairs of socks) Where do you put your winter knits during hot weather?
In the cedar drawer. 
*6 Have you had a favorite doctor in your life?
Ich I hate doctors. I did have a crush on the guy who fixed my collarbone. Dr. Sheeran.
*7. Pets: purebred or heinz 57. ?
Any pet that needs a home!
*8  Favorite state fair food is….
When they take a whole potato and fry it to a giant french fry.
*9 Have you ever been in the audience during a Television taping or live show?
Yes. I went to SNL many moons ago (I think Bruce Dern was the host. Eddie Murphy was still in the cast).
*10. I like the sign below.  Do you have a sign in your house?
No but we'll have a latitude and longitude sign for the new house.

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kathy b said...


I LOVE Your love of the questions!!! A crush on your doctor.....that's so sweet. And an entire fried potato..I'm going to search for that at our county fair for sure!!!!!!
And a longitude latitude sign! brilliant