Thursday, May 10, 2018

So so so so many things

So many student problems. So much laziness and lack of responsibility-taking. So many lame colleagues. Is it summer yet? I just need to hang on for a few more weeks of classes and then finals week. Actually, if I can hang on for two more weeks (which of course, I can easily do that) I'll be fine. After Memorial Day it's pretty much 'teach yourselves' around here (not really).

Tim is gone for about a week--he has a Big and Important meeting in DC on Monday and left early to go visit family before. His sister and BIL live in Columbia, Maryland, and our niece and her husband and two great-nieces live nearby so he'll have a nice time with family. The dogs already freaked out--last night Pilot slept glued to my back, and Comet slept on my one foot while Jessie cat slept on my other.

Knitting has been pedestrian:

The Irises are blooming and are quite lovely:


Vera said...

Love your sweater. Our iris have just started to show buds. So fragrant and so fleeting!

Hang in there!!

kathy b said...

Awww Kim, your flowers are lovely. Wishing you moments of peace as the term ends. Sounds stressful. I always love your knitting. Sounds like you will be alone on Sunday. I hope you enjoy the quiet and are okay with it. :)

KSD said...

Irises are my second favorite, just behind gardenias.