Tuesday, May 15, 2018

When there's just no good knitting going on

I have been busy but the knitting is boring. Usually when Tim is away I knit up a storm, but a variety of things (work, not sleeping) have meant I've just worked on boring stockinette and finishing stuff. I did finish the black top and need to weave in ends (I added about two inches to the bottom). I knit it at a looser gauge so I will need to wear a tank with it, but that's OK.

One of my morning rituals is a quick glance through the "Craft Gossip Newsletter".  I'm not sure who all these crafty people are (oh ok, yes I do, they were all the people I saw at Michael's last Thursday when I went to buy a glue gun) and I don't know what they do with all their crafty crafts, but I do love a bit of inspiration (and laughs). Today brought both.

Inspiration: this is such a simple idea and I don't know why I haven't done this:

BRILLIANT! Select colors for a project based on a book cover. I even like the book they picked here! 

And this is the laugh:

A crocheted oak stump! For the baby's room!


Vera said...

Ha! That oak stump is hysterical!!

Anxious to see your black top.

kathy b said...

I like the stump~~~!!!
And your knitting is never boring Kim

KSD said...

LOVE the book cover idea! I'm about to start a new book; maybe I'll give it a whirl.