Sunday, May 06, 2018

Who doesn't love a QUORA?

Blogger doesn't seem to want me to link to Kathy's post (ok it just let me) but happy birthday Fireman and yay for Tauruses! Taurusi? Taureans?

Anyway. It is QUORA TIME!
  1. When’s the last time you rode a horse? In Costa Rica, in 2005, and I fell off and broke my collarbone and had to go to the hospital in Limon and then fly back to the US where I had surgery four days after I got back. Good, good times.
  2. Did you knit as much as you wanted this weekend? I did a good deal, but I always want to do more.
  3. What is the last thing you made with Bisquick.? Probably pancakes, probably a gazillion years ago.
  4. Are you watching out for romaine lettuce problems?Yes and that makes me sad because I love romaine and dearly want a ceasar salad but I'm avoiding.
  5. When your sister gets a new puppy do you want one?  When anyone gets a puppy I want one. Kim Spence Dean, do you have a new puppy?
  6. Do you add salt to taste to your food? If I taste it and it needs salt, yes.
  7. What’s your favorite summer dessert? Pavlova!
  8. Have you memorized a knit pattern? Yep. I can knit socks without a pattern because I ROCK HARD.
  9. Did you keep a plant alive from last year inside until this Spring? Nope.
  10. Does your hair misbehave more in summer or winter weather? Winter, because we have no humidity here in the summer.


kathy b said...

oh goodness . Now I'm getting frightened of horse stories. Maybe I'll just groom them. I swear I like grooming and leading more than I did riding yesterday..........
Pavlova!!YUM with fresh berries

KSD said...

Oh, dear, dear Twinnie, I do not. :(