Thursday, June 28, 2018

Are you ready for this to be done?

I'm ready for this to be done:
I'm done with the cables (which look pretty good here, don't they?) and have probably an inch and a half of the bottom left. I have one other linen thing on the needles that just started but I think I might put that on hiatus and start to work on some more wintery things.  And I really need to get going on the slippers.

I can't begin to tell you just how absolutely gorgeous our weather is here! I have to think that last year it was already quite hot at this time but the weather is cool (50) overnight and warms up to the mid-70s during the day. No humidity, lots of sunshine. An odd little shower came through last night and that tamped down some of the grass pollen.

Yesterday I was pretty brain dead, so I spent much of the afternoon reading with a little knitting in there. I'm reading "The Woman in the Window" which I avoided during much of the time this book was being hyped. It just sounded like another unreliable narrator book. Well, it was on sale for the Kindle at $1.99 so I did buy it, and I'm about halfway through it. It is pretty good, it is a page turner, I may have figured out what is going on but maybe not.

I just checked my blog archive and can't find any specific stuff about last summer in June. I do remember it got very very awful in August, with smoke issues, so I hope that doesn't happen again.

Have a good day!


Caffeine Girl said...

You have just flown through that sweater. And the cables look very good.
We are having the opposite type of weather: hot, humid, and overcast. Not my favorite!

Delighted Hands said...

The sweater looks so pretty-wish we could feel it! I'm so glad you are enjoying nice weather; perfect for being outside!

Vera said...

Your sweater is gorgeous and you have flown through it for sure. The cables are lovely. Our weather is HHH (hazy-hot-humid).

I need to read faster (or not fall asleep while reading) - I just had several more books come through on Overdrive. I can't keep up - lol