Wednesday, June 13, 2018

As I Was Putting this On Yesterday-

-I realized I hadn't ever shown it to you 'done'.

The pattern is called 'Eavesdrop' and as I wore this yesterday, I thought "wow, this is a nice weight and it fits well. If I still have the pattern I knit this one from (with notes and circles and scribbles) then maybe I'll knit another one."

As you may recall, I have been dithering over what to knit next. So I looked in the yarn room (aka the Guest room) and found the pattern! With the notes and circles and scribbles (mostly needed are the circles, which indicated which size I knit. Often with oversized things I 'size down' a bit).

So I dug out the forest green Lindy Chain and cast on. I only have four rows done but I think this will be a good one. And I only have one more color of Lindy Chain left and so will do something a bit more novel and involved for that one.

I also did a bit of work on the Australian  Alphabet yesterday and will show you a photo of that soon. It doesn't go quite as quickly as knitting!

We are in a bit of a 'holding pattern' on the house as we wait for two things to happen. First, the counters must be fabricated. They have been all measured and now we wait for them to be made and installed. You might remember that we selected "Viscon White" granite, and it looks something like this image I stole from the internet:

Also, the wood floors have arrived but one has to wait for the wood floors to acclimate. Apparently the wood has to absorb moisture so it fits well, and given that the coast is the coast, the wood needs to acclimate for two weeks. So those are two big things we're waiting for, and then the final touches begin to be put in! Hoorah!


kathy b said...

Eavesdrop is just gorgeous. So are you!!!! I love that you grew out the bangs! I just cant give mine up....I love the sleek look of no bangs.
Your house is so carefully thought out, it will be amazing! you are almost there!

elns said...

You look great in that Eavesdrop! A wearable knit you want to knit again?!? WIN WIN WIN!

Delighted Hands said...

Nice exciting things going on!
The top is very pretty! I just ordered some Lindy Chain-my first time trying it-nice to know it works up well!
(what pattern did you knit for your top?)