Saturday, June 30, 2018

Good fences make good neighbors

We have a good percentage of good neighbors--there's one house that is diagonal from us that is a student rental, and that is always a bit of a s#$%show, and another neighbor is very nice but has some weird family issues, but besides that our cul de sac area is chock full of good neighbors. I know if I was ever in any trouble, I could go to several of the houses around us and get help, and that is always nice to know.

Today, Tim and our neighbor Aaron are working on the back fence. Our back fence crosses four other properties and we installed a new fence around three of the four properties probably ten years ago, but never the back fence that backed onto Aaron's yard (Aaron didn't live there at the time). Well, the time has come to fix that final section, and the fellows are working on it today. A lot of the planks are falling off and the cross beams have sort of rotted away. I feel a bit under the weather so my job is to do the 'back office' work (I tracked down a rental truck and am keeping the dogs from escaping out the back). I will also help take the old fence to the dump.

I'm trying to be equally productive, and so finished off two tops. This one:

I think the length is good and don't worry I AM NOT MISSING AN ARM it is just the way I photographed it. It is a bad hair day. The neckline is a bit wonky because I haven't added the icord edging as instructed but I might not. I kind of like the look of this.

This is 'Construction Zone' which I finished a while ago but never did the weaving in after the blocking. I did that now. I kind of like how it looks although it does look a bit heavy in this picture (it is bamboo tape).It might be a bit warm overall for summer but not sure. For a cool morning it might be just the ticket.


kathy b said...

Ugh oh. I LOVE construction zone. Off to look it up. I LOVE your hair!!
Feel better soon

Vera said...

Both tops look GREAT!! Love the designs and the colors.

Hope you feel better and the fence work goes well.

Delighted Hands said...

Yay for two top finishes! I really like the linen one! Hope you feel better and the fence is a good job done by now-I'm running behind on my blogroll!!!