Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Salt and Pepper

Calypso has a new friend--Onyx is vacationing at Aragon Alpacas.

That's Onyx in the front and Calypso in the back. Onyx was born the day after Calypso at a nearby farm.  Carrie bred his mom again, and she just delivered Onyx's sister on Sunday. Alpacas apparently really like to be pregnant, and in the wild they are pretty much pregnant all the time, so this rapid turn around isn't unusual. Anyway---Onyx hadn't been weaned yet and he was not well behaved with his new little sister. So he's going cold turkey, and is hanging out with Calypso and the gelded lads at the farm for a week or two.

Yesterday, he was behaving the same way Calypso behaved when he was weaned--lots of pacing, some sad vocalizing, and general discontent. This lasted with Calypso for a few days, and then he was fine. So I'm sure Onyx will settle down soon.

Here are the salt and pepper boys with Atom to the left and with Navarre and Griffin's butts.

Ann and I went out to lunch and when we came back, Calypso was asleep in the field--his neck was stretched out in front of him and his chin was on the ground and his eyes were closed, just enjoying the sun. I had to wake him up to love on him, of course.

There's us.

Tim got home at 11 last night, I picked him up, and then could not go to sleep for the life of me. I got up and let the dogs out at 6:30, then fed them and came back to bed and slept a bit. It will be an easy day here! 


Delighted Hands said...

How wonderful to spend time with the alpacas! Our neighbors raised Boer goats for several years and weaning time was always noisy for a few days!!! lol

Vera said...

What sweet pictures!! Salt & Pepper - love it!

kathy b said...

I NEEDED that Calypso photo and YOU KIM!! WHEEEEE. Sleep well tonight. Your husband is home!!!