Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Scraping the Bottom of the Blogging Barrel

I really have nothing to show you and not a whole lot to tell you (doesn't that get you excited to read this blog?) but here goes!

It's finals week (I know you're tired of hearing me complain about school) and I'm almost done! One last defense on Friday and then graduation on Sunday. Grading is manageable, and it is freeing up some headspace to start to plan what I want to do over the summer. I have a couple writing projects but nothing overwhelming. I'm hoping to spend a lot of time getting Calypso comfortable on a halter (he does pretty well) and I need to plan his first birthday party.

The garden is pretty much depleted and this is the only thing to look forward to:
It's the start of a bloom on the Butterfly Bush. I love this plant: I love the color (a beautiful purple that never photographs well), I love the smell, I love the butterflies, I just love this plant.

And I'm officially an old lady:

You hang this around your neck to work on counted cross stitch. It is a godsend, although really. Little old lady.

I need to figure out some other knitting projects to get going, don't I?


Vera said...

Ha! I've been old for years. I have a magnifying thing that is like on a headband...I flip it down in front of my glasses to do cross stitch. I call it my crown! Yay for finals and graduation!

kathy b said...

Oh Calypso time will be so very fun. I wish I could come to his party. he deserves one! you'll find some new knits once your work load ends!!!!! cant wait to see what you want to put on your needles !!!