Monday, June 25, 2018

Shall we swap?

Yes, yes we shall.

Kathy hosted a summer swap. The first time I participated in a swap with Kathy I was partnered with the delightful Caffeine Girl, who is an amazing artist. And this time, I was partnered with yet ANOTHER amazing artist, Cindy at Delighted Hands. She does all kinds of crafts and I was the recipient of several!

 The theme was yarn, a button, and something red, white and blue (I kind of cheated on the last one, warning to Cindy). The yarn is HAND DYED by Cindy, and the colorway is called Coral Beach. There's also a seastar charm attached to it. This colorway is incredibly meaningful to me--one thing I did during this past two years is work with a group to ban certain types of sunscreen (those with oxybezone) from Hawaii since oxybenzone caused coral bleaching. Well, the Governor of Hawaii will be signing the bill banning oxybenzone into effect on July 2 or 3. SUCCESS! So I'm a big coral beach fan and this colorway is so special to me.

AND THE BAG! SHE MADE THE BAG! THE BAG IS HUGE which will be important in a second. It is so cute with the fishes. There is also a little zipper pocket on the back for stitch markers.

And look how cute the inside is;

Yesterday was hot, and the air conditioning was on, and I decided that I needed to start transitioning from summer tops to scarves for fall and winter. And socks, but I'm not in a sock mood. So I wound up four things:


CLockwise from the green yarn: Wollmeise (green), Coral Beach (wound up), black, white read and blue yarn (maybe Dashing Dachs?) and Earth Rainbow (definitely Dashing Dachs).

And of course I had to cast on with Coral Beach, for Close to You which seems to be the It Scarf:

So perfect.

THANK YOU CINDY! You are amazingly talented. THANK YOU KATHY for pairing me up with her!


Vera said...

Ohhhhh...lovely swap package. What fun! I just mailed mine out today.

Delighted Hands said...

I'm so glad it was just right for you! It's neat that you cast on the yarn right away!!!

KSD said...

One must never leave a project bag empty after all...

kathy b said...

WHat a serendiptious thing: The coral yarn and your own connection!! Wheeee! I love when my bloggy pals meet and have a swap connection. I want that bag by the way.