Tuesday, June 19, 2018

So Sunny!

I wanted to show you the plant in the garden but it is just so darn sunny out!
Summer came a bit late this year but we've had a string of days in the mid-high 80s and lows around 50--pretty perfect. One worrisome sign is an increase in thunderstorms--that you Global Climate Change---because that will increase the fire danger greatly. The paper had a stat this morning saying we've already had more fires this season than the ten-year average number of fires.

Yesterday I pretty much lay on the sofa and knit and read. That was good for me---it had been a pretty busy three days, as you saw in my blog yesterday. I am reading two good books. One is called "The Awkward Age" and it is good: the basic story is that a British widow starts a relationship with an American doctor living in London, and how their children and other family members react to their relationship. It is well written and interesting and very believable. It's by Francesca Segal. I'm also reading the fourth Fina Ludlow detective novel called "Duplicity". I really like this character, and this is the most recent even though it came out in 2017, somehow I missed it. Anyway, Fina is a PI in Boston and her family has a law firm and it's just good. Just good and interesting. If you like strong women characters who are a bit flawed, you should try this series.

And Kathy had questions yesterday that I kind of forgot about:

  1. Share a tip for  a low fat meal or snack that you love: it is summer so I will be  loving all the fresh fruit at the farmers markets. Sorry, that's all I got.
  2. What’s the last thing you purchased at a farmers’ market? Oops haven't been to one yet this year.
  3. Have you put a knit/crochet project in a time out recently?Yes, that purpley shawl, but I'll start on it again.
  4. Did you know you can join Craftsy free (2 week trial)? I didn't, thanks!
  5. How do you try to reduce your carbon footprint? Recycle, have efficient cars, don't water in the summer, and we've really reduced our purchasing.
  6. Name a product you love. I have bunions and all summer long I'm either wearing Tevas flip flops or socks with padding between the big and second toes (I like these)
  7. As a kid, did you play GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD BLOODY MURDER? Newp.
  8. How happy are you with your internet service? Well, it is socially acceptable to hate Comcast but other than the expense, it is actually OK.
  9. What color are you knitting with this week? White, orange, purple, not all at the same time.
  10. Are you wearing any rings on your fingers today? The only rings I wear, and I wear them every day, are engagement and wedding rings.


kathy b said...

Thanks KIM im looking up the tevas flip flops!!

Delighted Hands said...

Ahhhhh, to savor a down day is a wonderful thing.......

Vera said...

Glad you had such a nice relaxing day! Thanks for the book recommendations - I found another Fiona Ludlow book on Overdrive at my library and on the wait list for aa "The Awkward Age." I'm in the market for new flip flops...will check out some Tevas.