Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sumer is Icumen In!

Lhude sing cuccu!
Do you like Richard Thompson? He is one of my favorites. Here is his version of this song:

It's a round! Sing along!

Svmer is icumen in
Lhude sing cuccu
Groweþ sed
and bloweþ med
and springþ þe wde nu
Sing cuccu

Awe bleteþ after lomb
lhouþ after calue cu
Bulluc sterteþ
bucke uerteþ

murie sing cuccu
Cuccu cuccu
Wel singes þu cuccu
ne swik þu nauer nu

Sing cuccu nu • Sing cuccu.
Sing cuccu • Sing cuccu!

Happy first day of summer! As I read blogs around the web, it seems that summer is a bit divisive. Some people love the lazier pace of things and the longer days. Others hate the heat and the humidity.  We're lucky, here in the West, that we don't have humidity, so I can't complain about that. We generally sleep with the windows open all summer, and turn on the a/c maybe for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon. Summer icumen in-ed today with clouds and a high temperature in the 70s.

I'm going to be awake today from sunrise to sunset--Tim had a 6am flight so we were up at 4:30 to get him to the airport (one great thing about our small-town airport is that it is a 20 minute drive from our house and with pre-check you can get through security lickety split. There are only about ten gates at the airport, so it is easy peasy.

I took the dogs for a walk for about an hour when I got home, and I am meeting a former student for brunch at 11:30, then a wee nap might be in my future.

My rib is doing MUCH better and it has been very special to be able to lay on the sofa and relax and read and knit and get it all healed up. Now it only hurts when I sneeze--even coughing isn't bad any more. I did do some work yesterday--I have a couple writing projects that I want to get going and a few others I need to finish up.

Finish: an invited paper on online privacy, a book project with several co-authors that I need to organize
Start: a series of studies on bike sharing systems, a study of SuperHero Origin Stories and see if those stories can help inform messaging for responsible brands (think Patagonia).

I've been knitting on this mindless top in the cool yarn:

As I mentioned, Tim is out of town for a few days which means that I'll work on all kinds of crafts, hang out with dogs, and read a lot. The downside is (aside from really missing him) that the dogs tend to wake up very early and want me to get up with them. We'll see if we can tamp that down.


Vera said...

Good Luck with the tamping down!!

Yup - like Richard Thomas a bunch (and Fairport Convention back in the day). I'd sing along, but can't pronounce anything....

Glad your rib is getting better. Enjoy your few days to rest and relax!!

kathy b said...

Your love for your husband is so sweet. It is good to miss one another!!
I LOVE that top you are knitting with THAT yarn! It seems like it pooler perfectly!

Caffeine Girl said...

Glad you're healing. Don't rush it! Ribs are very tender.
The worst part of Keith's ski trips is that the cats wake me up around 4:30. You think they'd learn that breakfast isn't served until 6 -- but they don't.
Sounds like you have some interesting research going on!

Delighted Hands said...

My cats are the same way-first one who stirs gets barraged with meows for breakfast!!! Enjoy the slow pace!