Thursday, June 07, 2018

Thursday Quora

From Kathy! I'm not obeying her instructions to answer in the comments!  Because I AM A REBEL!

What is your favorite lake, river, inlet or ocean? 
1. The Pacific Ocean
2. Bay of Islands in New Zealand
3. Nehalem Bay in Oregon

.What’ s the biggest fish you have ever caught?  Did you eat it?
I have never caught a fish.
Did you knit yesterday?
Claro que si.
*I am still entertaining the thought of raising angora rabbits some day .  Any resources for me?  Any friends I can run it by? Books?  I’m talking maybe next summer.
I owned a bunny for about ten years (RIP Louise!). She wasn't an angora. I got a lot of information at this site: Spoiler: bunnies chew everything.
 Do you do this text stuff during sports with friends or family? I did when my nephew was in college. Not so much anymore.

*I kind of want to organize a swap.  Anyone in?  I’m thinking summer theme: easy swap.  Swap must fit in big envelope, contain one skein of sockweight yarn, an item that is anything red white and blue, and a special button .  NO more, no less! Of course I'm in!

Wrap and turn instructions tend to fool me.  What fools you in patterns? Any type of crochet edging.

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kathy b said...

Glad you are in on the swapperoo! I'll check the rabbit site thanks. Funny one thing I can do is crochet an edge.....