Saturday, June 02, 2018

Tick tick tick

That's the sound of the countdown to summer break! One week of classes and then finals week.  Presentations all next week, which means I just need to sit there and listen (I'm good at that). So I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Yesterday I had coffee with my good friend Lauren, who just got back from a month in Austria and Greece. She retired from the UO two years ago and now continues to write books (she's sort of well known if you like literary non-fiction), she teaches at UW, and she works with prisoners in a writing program at the Oregon State Penitentiary.  And she always brings me a fun little gift from her travels (I do the same). This time it was an embroidered bookmark from Budapest. I'll take a photo (why didn't I? I don't know).

I started a new linen top. The pattern is Siesta that I have liked for a long time.  The yarn is a coral color that is coming out very very orangey in these photos.

Lesson of the day: linen doesn't work well to do cables. Yet I will persist.


Vera said...

The Siesta pattern is gorgeous! But, yeah, I imagine cables in linen would be a PITA.

kathy b said...

Siesta will be beautiful . You deserve to sit and listen!! You have been working so hard!!!!
Good for your pal for volunteering at a penitentiary. Yikes. My neighbor Abby always brings me travel gifts too!!! i try to do the same for her.

elns said...

It's a lovely pattern! Good luck with the cables. I do like linen, but it can be fiddly when starting something eh?

Caffeine Girl said...

Now you have me wracking my brain to figure out who Lauren is! I already ruled out Grodstein, who is out East.
Cables in linen sounds very challenging.

Kim in Oregon said...

Her name is Lauren Kessler, and I meant literary non-fiction, not literary fiction!