Friday, June 29, 2018


While I love Lindy Chain--the linen yarn from KnitPicks--I have to admit I'm a bit tired of it and ready to go back to lovely wool yarn. Hence, I am casting on for all the things. You've already seen "Close to  You" and I have also cast on for Casapinka's Woven, which is a half-linen stitch scarf.

I do love linen stitch.

The yarn is Wollmeise in a green/yellow/black colorway that has been in the stash forever. I don't wear these colors a lot but they look good with my skin tone and of course they are the U Oregon colors. Here is a close up:

It looks pretty cool, kind of honeycombed. This is not quite mindless knitting but it is *almost* mindless knitting, meaning I can work on this while watching Jeopardy. I can't say that about most things that aren't mindless.

I got quite a few things done yesterday, workwise, and now I have most of the 'simple' stuff crossed off and the bigger things are left. Sigh.  I'd rather just knit and read all day, with a few breaks for cross stitch, and I will make such a good retired person it isn't funny.

I finished "The Woman in the Window" and yeah. It got INSANE at the end as the whole thing got tied up in sort of a 'WTF' moment.  It moved pretty quickly and kept me guessing (I figured a few things out about halfway through). I just read it is being made into a movie with Amy Adams as the main character which is NOT how I saw the main character at all.

It seems like the rest of the US is a bit hot, so stay cool everyone. This is one of those weird years when the 4th of July is smack dab in the middle of the week. I don't like this at all, mostly because Pilot the dog hates fireworks and having the holiday in the middle of the week just gives more days of fireworks since people have various times off. Our city passed a law banning any fireworks that can be heard beyond 50 feet of where they are set off (except for big displays) so we'll see how that goes. I doubt it will be effective.


kathy b said...

the fireworks are already in full swing here too. Fortunately the cats are not very reactive to them. Now, that being said, if one was really close they would probably freak out. A fireworks ban here would NEVER pass. Lots of yahoos yahooing it up at the LAke

Tired Teacher said...

With all the hot weather, things have dried out, so there's a ban on fireworks except for large public displays. Fire danger levels in the forest are Extreme, so no fireworks are allowed there as well. That said, I'm sure the volunteer firefighters will be very busy until after the Fourth.

Teresa Kasner said...

Your new scarf is going to be quite something. I just finished a good book.. "The High Tide Club" by Mary Kay Andrews. Now I'm reading "The Cafe by the Sea" by Jenny Colgan set in rural Scotland. I'm loving it so far! Have a nice weekend.. oh. I live in Corbett, Oregon.. so hello neighbor! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Delighted Hands said...

Fascinating texture on the new shawl! Our cats can't stand all the fireworks here either! We are taking the boys to see the big fireworks display tonight-they are over the lake and very pretty! (we are so wet here that for once, there is not a ban because of the threat for wildfires!)

Vera said...

We started hearing fireworks over the weekend (Saturday AND Sunday). I'm sure there will be the "local show" on the 4th. Tyg, our cat, is not fond of them at all!!

Your new scarf/shawl is really pretty. I need to check out that pattern.

I finished Brutality (Fina Ludlow #3) over the weekend and enjoyed - I think it's the only one on Overdrive from my libraries though....

KSD said...

Oh yes, linen stitch is magical with variegated yarn. Nice work!