Monday, July 30, 2018

A little Sanquhar for your Monday

A little what?

I have always love Sanquhar since the first pattern I saw: the Sanquhar cowl. The yarn I'm knitting with now was originally bought for that pattern, and maybe after I finish this I'll have to try the Sanquhar cowl again.

But for now, here's a little bit of Sanquhar:

 Clearly, it is too big for the needles. Here's a closeup of the Sanquhar portion:

There's a great history of Sanquhar knitting here, but the TL:DR is that it is a style of knitting that emerged in the Nith valley of Scotland in the 17th century and it is really, really neat looking.

If the cowl is too much, I might try some Sanquhar gloves.

The shawl pattern is Study Hall and I'm using a cotton yarn that is 'gassed' that is no longer available (I think) from Elann. This is the best cotton yarn ever. I just googled gassed yarn and here is what I found:
Gassed yarn is mercerized cotton yarn that has been exposed very rapidly to a hot gas flame. This process removes any fuzz or excess lint on the thread. This results in a brighter and smoother appearance. (more here, including what mercerized means).

And I have white and black alpaca yarn and that might be a great way to start my next Sanquhar project~


Delighted Hands said...

This is turning out beautifully! I will learn more about the Sannquhar-it's new to me! Alpaca will make a delicious hug of a shawl or cowl!

Kym said...

Very pretty!

KSD said...

This post would make a good Sanquhar drinking game.

Kim in Oregon said...

And twinnie you need to know I spelled it wrong every time I wrote it.

Anonymous said...

There is a podcaster that is very into Sanquhar knitting. He has made some amazing things.

Your shawl is beautiful.

Tired Teacher said...

Nice! I've never heard of Sanquhar or gassed cotton before - interesting.