Sunday, July 29, 2018

Ain't no party like an alpaca party!

It was a beautiful and warm summer morning where alpacas met people and people met alpacas. Ten pounds of carrots and a few dozen carrot cake cupcakes were happily consumed.

I bought this banner on Amazon for almost no money--it is made out of felt and is so cute and I'm sure I'll use it on every birthday from now til the end of time.

 My staging area: cooler with lemonades, bucket of carrots, bucket of apples, random bag of stuff to take to the farm. Three boxes of cupcakes in the refrigerator. Off we went!

 Calypso got a special bandana for the party (it has cakes on it. He didn't seem to mind it at all).

 Tim passed out carrots--this one is going to Catalina (I think).
 My friend  and colleague Deb with Troubadour and one of the big black guys. Deb's husband Dan, a photojournalist, took many of these photos. I'm not sure how many alpacas get a real photojournalist at their party. That's a sentence you don't write often.

 I wore what I hoped looked like alpaca ears. They're really fox ears but needs must.
 With my guy!

 My colleague Jessica and her family.

 This is my Dean, Juan-Carlos. He brought four friends from Venezuela with him.

 Tim helped my friend Autumn's daughter feed the boys.

 And at the end of the morning, it is just exhausting to be at an alpaca party.

I think everyone had fun. Calypso was great, as were all the alpacas. His real birthday is tomorrow but I think he's partied enough (another group of 20 was on their way to visit as we were leaving). And we raised some money for the Northwest Camelid Foundation, a group that Ann (the farmer) works with, and so that's good too. 

Back to our regular knitting content tomorrow.


Tired Teacher said...

Great photos of the party. Carrots and carrot cupcake - perfect treats for everyone.

kathy b said...

I was there in spirit. I remember this time last year. He's a gorgeous boy. Im so so glad you celebrated him with friends. He must have felt special! Did you sing?

Kym said...

What FUN! I wish I could've been there to meet the alpaca gang! Looks like a great time was had by all. :-)

Delighted Hands said...

Looks like a great time! So beautiful to see the mts in the background, too!

Vera said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday boy (a little late, but still heartfelt). The pictures are great and it looks like everyone had such a fun time. I love your ears!!!

KSD said...

I truly love everything here, but at the Top of the Love is that you had a staging area.

A staging area.

elns said...

I had a most excellent chuckle reading the title of this post. This party looks like great fun for animals and humans alike! I love that photo of you giving the birthday boy a squish!

That bunting banner is an excellent purchase. I'm going to have to get one!