Thursday, July 26, 2018

Fo and Quora and a bit of adorableness

Kathy has a Quora, I have a Fo.

*Have you ever written or designed a pattern?  Yes I have some ridiculously simple patterns for free on Rav: One has 130 hearts!! I did not know that til now.
*How does your family cook their corn on the cob?Either on the grill (with husks on) or in the microwave (with husks on).
*Are you embarrassed to purchase anything at a store? Oh lord no.
*Have you ever “kept” a goldfish (indoors…..not counting ponds here) ?  How long did it live?  Did you name it?Maybe as a kid, but I don't remember.
*Does your significant other have a super power? He is smart and strong and loving.
*What is the longest your hair has ever been grown to ? I truly believe each person's hair has a 'stopping' point. The longest mine ever got was for my wedding, and even then it wasn't considered what I think of as 'long'. I t was maybe four inches below my shoulders.

*Name one way you helped the world yesterday….Oof. Did I help the world yesterday? I picked up apples in the park (but that was of benefit for me) but the apples can get out of control. I didn't drive the car, so that helped keep crap out of the air.
*What season is most difficult for you to keep your weight down? (im assuming none of us has trouble gaining..or rather, no prima ballerinas out there reading my blog) Winter, definitely. Summer, with long walks and gardening and other stuff, seems to take care of itself. Plus I'm not as hungry in the summer.
*Tell us something your father always said….I wish I could. My parents divorced when I was three and my mother had my father's visitation taken away when I was four or five. YAY 1960s!
*What one knit/crochet technique would you wish you could wake up and already know that’s new to you ? Brioche. And tunisian crochet. And heck, any crochet.

Now onto the FO. It is the Caprino Wrap which I am making into the Caprino Cowl.  Here it was before I did a wet block:

And after a wet block, which was just getting it wet and hanging it up.

You can see where the stretchy out part was on the hanger. Next I'll do a steam block and then seam it. Anyway, I love this and it will be a nice thing to wear as summer starts to turn to fall.

And the cuteness, part 1: Calypso and Onyx.

I'm sure they are discussing how annoying we are to put the halters on them.

And cuteness part 2: a neighboring farm. Pura Vida Alpacas, has three crias, the youngest 4 days old. So we went over to see them. Thank you Robben and Laura for the visit!
This little girl is the one who is 4 days old. 
This little fluffernutter is Rio, he's about two months old.

Have a great day!


Kym said...

Lovely cowl. Looks perfect for summer. And those little alpaca-babies! So cute.

Tired Teacher said...

The littles are cute, cute, cute!

Delighted Hands said...

The cowl is really cool! I would love to stick my fingers in that fluffernutter's fur!!!!

Vera said...

Very pretty cowl. and those babies!!! Adorable.