Tuesday, July 17, 2018


My expression is--concerned? Annoyed? Neither really. I wanted to take a picture of the FO and to do so, draped a navy blue tshirt over the t shirt I was wearing so the FO would stand out.

Yes I am too lazy to change my shirt to take a picture of the FO.
And just to confirm my laziness---I had to cut off the bottoms since I haven't woven in ends yet.

But I have a good reason! I am all about the Getting Things Done. Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom and some of the bedroom, did laundry, worked on a paper, collected data, and reviewed several papers. I GOT THINGS DONE! Today I collected more data and did more on the paper. And worked on ANOTHER study with a former PhD student. MORE DONE. And I worked on my Rav detash.

I don't know what exactly is wrong with me, because ALL THE THINGS ARE GETTING DONE!


Delighted Hands said...

Yippee! I like it when a day just feels frenetic but ends with a lot of accomplishments!

Caffeine Girl said...

Good for you. I need to focus more on getting stuff done ... when I'm not on vacation, that is.
Love the scarf!

Tired Teacher said...

I would not have noticed the shirt if you hadn't mentioned it. Your finished scarf is lovely.

Vera said...

Such true confessions! I, too, would not have noticed that your tee was simply draped if you had not pointed it out. Your scarf turned out so lovely. I keep trying to get things done...