Sunday, July 22, 2018

Happy House!

We had a lovely day at the house yesterday!

Our first meal:

The big room with the floors done:

The stairwell (which is behind the stove):

The utility room:

The handle are in! Here is the master shower (the floor is hard to see, but it is that pebble tile)

The upstairs hall closet (leading to the back door, to the fenced area for the dogs):

Said dogs on the deck:

The kitchen (which you've seen):

And a little video of my favorite thing in the house:

Thank you so much for your interest and for all the nice things you've said about the house!


Tired Teacher said...

What a gorgeous house! May you make many happy memories within its walls.

Delighted Hands said...

How exciting to have all the great details come together! I'm living in my dream house so I know how excited you are! I love the barn door, too! lol

Kym said...

FABULOUS!!! What a great space you've created. XO

Vera said...

Beautiful space! And happy dogs!! Love the door - fabulous!

KSD said...

My parents' house had pocket doors; the slider reminded me of them.

Also, thanks for not posting photos of my room; people would just get jealous. ;)

elns said...

It looks amazing! The whole house is just dreamy. I hope you have many lovely meals in that fantastic outdoor space as well!!