Sunday, July 01, 2018

A Rare Spotting of a Sunday Quora

Kathy has questions even though it is Sunday!
  • Are you afraid of a dog because of it’s breed? No, but I'm afraid of a dog because of its owner. When we lived in Tennessee years ago we lived next to a huge Rottweiler. That dog was the sweetest, gentlest dog even though it was the size of a small cow.  The owner's son also had a rottweiler named Bo. That dog was mean. But the owner was mean too, and wanted a mean dog. So there you go.
  • Do you like black animals?
    Comet is our second black dog. The first was our wonderful dog Shasta. We also had Stella, our little black cat. So yes, we like black animals.
  • Did You know ravelry is doing an LGBTQ fundraiser? I didn't but I will check it out. 
  • Do you sign or groan when you make a knit error?  Does your family recognize this unique sound? I don't think so---I would be sighing or groaning constantly! 
  • We went paddle boarding again yesterday.  We met a few other paddlers and chatted.  (on the water)  This was an unexpected treat.  They were very encouraging and laid back.  I chose my board color for its bright recognizable popping orange color.  Fireman chose his for its asthetics.  What would you choose? Yay for Kathy going paddle boarding again! I'd deifnitely go for aesthetics. 
  • I have a new lifejacket.  Boy the have come a lONG way in 20 years.  Guess what ours include for safety ? Ours have a whistle attached, and I think maybe a compass? 
  •   Lateness bugs the bejeez out of me.  How about you?OH yes. 
  • What’s on your Independence Day menu? I have a recipe for a tart made out of berries but we'll see if that actually comes to fruition. 
  • What’s the last bug that you saw on your body?I'm sure it was a spider. I even ate a part of a spider web yesterday (by accident).


Tired Teacher said...

I agree that most dogs are friendly and that people shape their aggressive behavior. I've tasted my share of spider webs, too. Yuck!

kathy b said...

You are so funny ! YOU ate part of a spider web. No doubt they'll claim it cures something very soon! I love your dog photo. I am off to the barn very early tomorrow, so I cheated and asked questions today! :)

Delighted Hands said...

Yikes...a spider web?!