Sunday, July 08, 2018

Not done

This is a post about things that are Not Done. I guess life is a series of Not Dones that eventually turn into Dones until the Big Done. Usually I'm fine with Not Done.  One value of blogging, and knit blogging in particular, is that it is a celebration of Not Done.

I think I'm a bit annoyed with Not Done because we went to see the house yesterday and there was a lot not done. Some of this is to be expected---the tile in one of the shower floors is partway done. The flooring is partway done. Lots of little things are not done, and I guess we're just antsy to get them Done.

There was also some miscommunication with the appliances that were 'delivered' earlier in the week. I put quotes around delivered since the miscommunication meant that the wrong color refrigerator arrived (salesperson error) and there was no stove. It is all being sorted---the refrigerator will be swapped out for the right color, the stove that got loaded on the truck was not set up to use propane, which we ordered, and so they're getting one that uses propane--but that was a bit frustrating yesterday.

I know, I know, these are all first world problems. Let's look at the pretty backsplash (this is all in, and looks great:

And the pretty floor.

It's going to look wonderful. And it will be Done.

Speaking of not done:

I'm enjoying working on this, and close up:

I find it kind of delightful.

Enjoy  Sunday!


Tired Teacher said...

Construction projects can be frustrating - love the backsplash and the floor. That vibrant green looks wonderful as a shawl. Happy Knitting

Anonymous said...

I think the LAST not done will be a little sad when it IS done. Looks like a wonderfully fun project.

Hope the other NOT DONES get sorted out quickly.

Delighted Hands said...

I know all about human error-you just have to roll with it unfortunately!
It will all sort itself out-eventually.
The backsplash is really pretty! So is the flooring-good times are about to come! Nice work on the shawl-love the play of colors!

Vera said...

Not dones can be so frustrating! LOVE your backsplash - very nice. And the floor and your part-way done shawl are beautiful.