Monday, July 16, 2018

Questions, pictures, et cetera

First, Kathy has some questions.

*Did we nail it?   Kathy  framed an antique knit square and she is going to gift it back to the person  who gave it to her (I think there are more, but not enough for a quilt? And some were yellow)? Pop over to her blog to see if you liked how Kathy and Fireman framed it. I like it--I do miss the corners, but I appreciate it was fiddley to work with.
*Do yo know Benadryl comes in a spray?  No, but my bug bites are pretty few and far between.
*Would you drive an hour and fifteen minutes for a lunch date? Yeah, sure. Before we started the house project we would drive over an hour to the coast for lunch. And sometimes I just HAVE to have Del Taco (well, not so much anymore, it isn't as good as it once was) and the closest one is about an hour away.

*Our library became fine free last week!  Is your library fine free? It isn't really a fine, then, is it? I think the library has amnesty days every few months.
*Can you live with a limp mitten?  (please………take this literally) Yes. I like a sturdy mitten, as does Kathy, but they are often too warm for winters here.
*Have you heard Wynona Judd in concert?  No. I'm glad Kathy had fun.
*If you could talk to the animals, which one would you choose to talk to… oh Definitely the dogs. I've often said I wish I could explain to them when we leave them for a bit that they're OK and they'll be taken care of and we'll miss them and we'll be back soon.

Yesterday was hot, today will be hot too. It even felt warm when we walked the dogs at 6:45 this morning. Yesterday morning we got up early (for some reason I couldn't sleep) and then walked the dogs then had breakfast watching the World Cup. Congrats France! Some knitting was done.

Then when it got hot we hunkered down in the A/C. I worked on a book project that I had neglected for too long, and I got where I needed to be on that. 

Today I'm going to do some work around the house while it is still manageable (I'm in a 'throw it all away' mood, look out!) . LEt's end with some photos of alpacas, shall we?

 Me, Gryffin and Calypso.
 Part of me and Calypso.
 Calypso and Onyx, who is still whining and missing his mom (after 2 weeks!)
 Me, Kokopelli (Calypso's father), Calypso and Gryffin.



kathy b said...

I forgot the post after I say Calypso. Oh wait you answered my questions. Because you always do and IM grateful to you!

Vera said...

Hot here too! Love the pics of the alpacas. Animals certainly are dramatic, huh? (reading your prior post)

Tired Teacher said...

Good answers. I love your shawl, especially the stripes.

Delighted Hands said...

Loved the photos at the end-they are beautiful animals!