Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • The concert last night was great! First was a short piece for strings (Adagio and Fugue)  then a longer (four movement) piece for clarinet, oboe, bassoon and 'horn' (which looks like a modern day french horn) (Serenade in C Minor) and then it culminated with the  “Great” G Minor Symphony, No. 40, which had all of the above plus flute. The period instruments were pretty interesting to see, except they don't have modern-day spit valves, so there were several pauses to empty out spit. WE MUST SUFFER FOR ART! 
  • On the way to the concert WE SAW A FOX!! FOXES IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! FOXES!
  • E is for---
    well, you'll have to wait and see.
  • Semi finals of FIFA today and tomorrow. I'm all in for Belgium today and England tomorrow. Of course that is the kiss of death but we'll see.
  • We have a local store called the "HIRON's" and it is one of those stores that you don't see a lot anymore. It is an independent pharmacy (1/4 of the store), has a huge amount of cards, wrapping paper and school supplies (1/4 of the store), OTC drugs and random hardware stuff (1/4 of the store) and then---my favorite--an ever changing carnival of STUFF. Christmas stuff. Outdoor stuff. Cutesy decor. And right now, the focus of the cutesy decor is alpacas and cacti:

 There's cute stuff here. I might have to visit them again.


Vera said...

Love all that Alpaca stuff - what fun!! Glad the concert was so good. I had no idea about having to empty spit from period instruments - made me laugh out loud...then I thought about it and it's pretty gross - lol. The only radio station we really listen to is WRTI which is the station out of Temple University - classical during the day and jazz at night...or either at any time on their HD channels.

Tired Teacher said...

It would be fun to browse through that store! Your alphabet stitching is interesting - I wonder about "E" . . .

Delighted Hands said...

I'm sure I could find something to add to a shelf from those alpaca figurines!
Glad you enjoyed the concert!