Friday, August 31, 2018

And here we are

We are spending our first night in the house tonight! We left a little later than planned because Jessie Cat chose to disappear and we didn't want to leave without seeing her. She does this every so often---she disappears in the morning and finds a hidey hole to take a nap. CATS.

So we drove over to Lincoln City, a town about twenty minutes south of here that has all manner of stores. We bought a new bed and it will be delivered tomorrow early afternoon! Tonight we'll be 'glamping' on futons, maybe on a frame, maybe not, we'll see.

It was quite foggy in Lincoln City but once we got the house we were greeted with this:

Yep, that's the view from our window with the trees cut down. This is a haystack rock and I learned today it has a name--Chief Kiwanda's rock. There is a cape right by this rock (that we can't see---yet_ called Cape Kiwanda.

We stopped by the grocery store and Tim made omelets so we had our first cooked meal. I did a load of towels (and guess what--you need to TURN ON THE WATER to get the washing machine to work) and put stuff away. Tim started putting together the futon sofa/bed.

Our stove builder, Uwe, came by to show us how to work the stove. And this magic happened:

Just a little fire, no wood just paper, but we could arguably have one since right now it is 60 degrees and the low is headed to be 50.

Plans for the rest of the day: sauna.

We are so happy. Thanks for always being happy for us!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Weekend countdown

We are having our first night in the new house tomorrow night! I have lists and bags and boxes and more lists and I keep reminding myself that we can live pretty easily for two nights without bathrobes and there is both a grocery and a hardware store in our little town.

First, let me show you Color Affection. I have arrived at the short rows and indeed there are three different colors. You may recall I'm using Knit Picks gradient yarn for this, and so there will be some long color changes. Right now, the three colors are black-about-to-be-gray, blue, and black. The grey should kick in very soon. Short rows are on the right side. I like how it is looking.

The knitting portion of this post is now complete. If you wish to read my musings on the state of retailing today, please continue! 

So yesterday my goal was to get some mirrors for the new house. I had two options: 'nice' oval mirrors that we would like forever, either with a narrow frame or beveled mirror edging, or alternatively just some cheap mirrors that we could use until we feel like getting real ones.

I went to these stores: Bed Bath and Beyond, HomeGoods, Target (yes I went back), Hobby Lobby, Kohls, and Marshalls. All these places had a few mirrors: either barnhouse chic, or french chateau chic, or Moroccan chic, pointy rays sticking out of the mirror chic, but no one had a simple oval mirror. Apparently a big round mirror hung by a visible rope is popular now too--porthole chic? I'm not sure. Anyway, I ended up at Home Depot and even though they weren't displayed, I found the mirrors I wanted. 

A few observations: first, the same types of mirrors were found at every store. I get that there are trends and these trends seem to be pretty driven by HGTV, but that was just kind of disappointing. Second, even though it is a week before school starts and the stores should be filled with back to school shoppers, all these stores were pretty empty (I should say I was out pretty early, I got to Bed Bath and Beyond just a few minutes after it opened). Third, I think the stores are all trying to push 'order online and pick up at the store' but I'd rather just have Amazon deliver it rather than having to go drive over the store (I also realized yesterday I had not been to these shopping areas for a long, long time). 

So I'm not sure where retail is going. Once we move permanently to Pacific City we'll be even more reliant on Amazon than we are now (and now it is mostly because of time issues---I don't want to take the time to  track down the toner cartridges at the Staples if I can wait two days for Amazon).  So we'll see. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

B is for Busy-ness

These last few days have been very busy as I am scrambling to take care of school stuff and house stuff and life stuff. We are headed to the coast for the weekend and then back here for a few days and then I'll be over at the house for 9 days before I have to come back for a bunch of meetings here. Tim will be there for over 2 weeks; his good friend from Germany will arrive when I'm back for meetings and then I'll zip back over for a long weekend before classes start.

So Monday I was at the farm, and then had errands, and then had to go to the Title company to sign off on something because--OH I didn't tell you all we finally have the occupancy permit! So that starts all the 'wrapping up' of stuff. Then yesterday I went over to school and dropped off my computer so the tech guys (not sexist, really, all the tech people at the J school are guys. All the academic advisors are women. It is a bit odd) anyway so the tech guys could migrate my old computer to a new computer (we get a new computer every four years, apparently, so I now have MacBook Pro with that bar across the top that I have no idea what it is good for. It does use a thumbprint to log me in so that is kind of cool.

And after dropping that off I had a dentist appointment, and then had to go back to school and wait around while they futzed with the computer and did my thumbprint thing. Then I had a message that the appraiser was on the coast and could he pop in to take photos for the appraisal? I'm, of course, two hours away but several phone calls straightened that all out.

Today I'm going out to see if I can find some not-expensive mirrors for the house (because on the never ending list of things you need for a brand new house, mirrors are on that list). I'm pretty organized for our short trip out to the house this weekend, but of course that is likely to change.

I did do a little stitching. H is for Honeyeater, a small bird found in Australia. Here it is enjoying some honey from a flower.

And here is a female in real life.

I also packed up my Beekeepers Quilt to take to the coast--and I'll just leave it there and hopefully will finish it so we'll have a nice cozy quilt for a bed there. I think it is a wise choice to have a project that I don't take back and forth--there will always be something for me there to work on. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Casting on and casting on

I love casting on. If you could look in the craft room and see all the project bags lined up, you'd know just how much. I cast on for two new things once Study Hall wrapped up.

First, I'm doing my own twist on a Color Affection by using three gradient skeins from Knit Picks.

I've got two skeins going right now (the bottom two) and will start the third from the center (as opposed to the outside) so I'll end in a light color. I think it will look good, we'll see.

I also started a pair of mitts called "bead the cable" because I want a pair of black mitts. Every knitter knows you shouldn't knit cables in black but I'm going ahead and doing it.

You can't see the cables, really, but you can kind of see the beads.

What else? I finished "The Shakespeare Requirement" and it was fun but probably wouldn't be to you if you aren't an academic. I also finished "The President is Missing", the book co-written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. If you like books where all the chapters are about four pages long and the end with a cliffhanger (seriously, this book has something like 125 chapters and they're four pages long, on average, on the kindle) then this is a book for you.

I had to kind of convince myself to keep reading the first third but then it picks up and is really interesting (imho).

We watched a new show on Netflix called "Million Pound Meal" which is not, I'm sort of sad to say, a meal made out of gold leaf and truffle oil but a restaurant competition. It combines the "Restaurant Wars" aspect of Top Chef with a bit of a show called "Restaurant Startup" and set in England and it is pretty fun. 

We had rain this morning, which we really need, and it feels so good outside!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Thursday's Highlights (spoiler: lots of cute cria photos!)

Today is Friday, and the smoke has cleared and the air feels great. I had so much trouble breathing yesterday in the smoky air, but it looks like fall is deciding to arrive a bit early with temperatures in the 70s and beautiful blue skies.

First highlight of yesterday: nominations for Knitter's Hunk and Chick opened at my Twinster Kim's blog. This is a fun knitting (and non knitting) thing where we nominate people with whom we would like to knit. Then we vote (two nominees go head to head in a series of eliminations). And then there's a winner (ok two winners). It's silly and fun and a great way to end the summer.

I worked for a bit on H yesterday:

I think I like the letters without a lot of curving more. And I think the H is some type of bird, yes?

The highlight of Thursday was the visit with this little guy:

Tripoli is three days old, and absolutely adorable. A bit of a scamp---is happy to test out his legs and run away from anyone who wants to be buddies with him.

Chanel is doing well (she was eating an apple here) but  misses her lady friends. Ann has Chanel and Tripoli with a few of the more gentle girls, as the girls are 'nosy Nellies' who will be all over Tripoli and there is a risk that he might get hurt. She'll introduce a few girls to their group every day and I would guess in a week or so they'll be one big girl group again.

My colleague Laura brought her daughter Julia to the farm to have some pictures taken for Julia's birthday party invitations. Apparently there is a llama theme.

Another colleague, Leslie, took this picture of me, Chanel, Tripoli and Georgia (brown one behind Chanel).

The farm is definitely my happy place.
Tripoli sends his regards.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Ready for Study Hall!!

I am quite taken with this shawl! It is Study Hall from Knitty and I bound off last night. I haven't woven in ends or blocked but will do that today. But this might be one of my favorite Finished Objects of all time!

Had a busy work day yesterday, and today is busy with work in the morning and ANOTHER photo session on the farm this afternoon--this will be much  more mellow, though, as my colleague Laura is bringing her mom and her daughter to the farm to take photos for Laura's daughter's birthday party invitation.

Have a magnificent day! I'll have more cria pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

All kinds of stuff

I feel I've kind of been going non stop for a few days---out to the coast on Sunday for a long day, two trips to the farm on Monday, and some focused work on a paper yesterday. Here we are after a long walk on the beach: Tim, me, Ben, Jimmy and Deborah.
  •  Movie recommendation: Shock and Awe.
  • I'm reading "The Shakespeare Requirement", a very funny novel about a dysfunctional University, meaning every University.
  •  Cross stitching is moving along. The H is fun!
  • Ann named the cria Tripoli! It is a great name as Tripoli has several different colors on him. The bottom one was when he was trying to figure out how to nurse (look closely, he's there!)

Monday, August 20, 2018

First steps

Today is both Ann and Mike's birthday (Ann owns the farm, Mike is her husband) and they received a very special birthday gift from Chanel. Name is to be determined, but he is a curly wurly fuzzy wuzzy sweetie pie.

From sock to slipper

As I am want to do, I changed my mind about making socks and decided to make this into a slipper:

The yarn seems to be a bit thicker than regular sock yarn, so they will work. I'll get some fabric paint for the bottom. The second one should go pretty fast.

I had already done the toe and most of the sole (I'm Team Toe Up) and so had to vamp a bit to do the rest of it, but I think it worked out. You'll see when I finish the second and they're both on my feet.

We headed to the house early yesterday to get it a bit organized for our first visitors: The Platt family from NYC. We took two cars as we were taking out a lot of stuff: two futons and the hardware for the bathrooms and lunch stuff. On the way, I was fortunate to see three hot air balloons headed down--they tend to launch right around dawn.

We got the house organized and had a great time with our friends James, Deborah and Ben. I have known James since I was three years old and he was five; he was in my brother's wedding (he and Bart are the same age) and it was great to hang out with him.

The view is good! We can now see the ocean and our haystack rock. Well, we can see it if it isn't socked in by fog, which it was yesterday. Photos next time I promise!

We also met one of our neighbors out there, who is great, and in a bit of lucky timing our architect Nir was in pacific City so he and his wife came to see the house too. That was fun.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

I have nothing

I'm not reading any good books, I need to cast on for another project, and  all I want to do is take a nap.  This green thing is done:

I like how it undulates.

I may cast on for a color affection with two different gradients. Will that look good or messy? Only time will tell. I also want to start more cross stitch but down that path lies madness.

I had a work thing yesterday that was fun and productive, and got some of a paper written up,  but I really need to decompress. We're going out to the house tomorrow to see the view and to have some friends from NYC who are driving around Oregon over to lunch. We also planned for a two-week stay at the house in September (well, a week and a half for me as I will have to pop back to Eugene to do stuff in preparation of school). 

And this little guy needs a bath, or a good rain shower:

Friday, August 17, 2018

H is for--

--I don't really know. A honey something.

This is two hours of work from yesterday. I finished the tale and the tongue of the goanna, and then on to the H. I got some of one side of the H done and a bit of the bar in the middle and some black and silver blue parts of the H creature, but that's it.

Two hours. That's not a lot to show for two hours. However, I did calculate that when I get the H done, I will be 25% done with this. Not bad, huh?

Changing the subject--our yellow jackets are HORRIBLE this year. The other night we were eating outside and we were just inundated. I bought some traps from Raid  and filled one with apple juice and a little bit of old sausage that I was about to throw out and it worked like a charm.

Here is a link to what it looks like on Amazon:

Highly recommend for all your yellow jacket murdering adventures.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Let's learn about goannas, shall we? ETA: QUORA!

"A goanna is any of several Australian monitor lizards of the genus Varanus, as well as certain species from Southeast Asia. Around 30 species of goanna are known, 25 of which are found in Australia."

Here is my goanna (it is not quite done yet--I need to finish off the curly tail and add a tongue and fill in some of the blank spaces at the bottom):

 The head is on the top of the G.

The photograph makes the G look SO MUCH bigger than the F, but I think I tilted the G forward and so that's causing this. It certainly didn't look funky to me yesterday when I took the picture.

This was fun although there are probably three or four different colors of green and four different pinky peachy colors and that gets to be too much for my patience! But I persevere.

Pop quiz on goannas WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT! Or never.

On to the QUORA from Kathy:

There are just 7 questions.  Some are multiple choice, because we all love those multiple choice tests. ( my answers are below)

*Are you trying any new crafts? I guess counted cross stitch doens't count but it was on hiatus!
*Do you love a favorite logo for a product? 

*I have Knitlite lighted needle tips.  I have to work on something with them because I love the Concept.  Do you secretly favor one set of your needles over the rest in your family? I like chiagoo red ones. Probably because they are red.
*Currently, which  is growing better in your garden, the plants or the weeds? It is too dry for anything! Dry stuff is growing!
*The knitting gods are smiling down on you.  You get one wish.  Do you wish
a) to never drop a needle and have to find it again( because you cannot twist yourself into the pretzel position needed to get at it under the car seats)
b) to never run out of yarn for a project (because you grind your teeth from the moment you think you may run out, and dental care is expensive)
c) to never have to pick up a dropped stitch in garter (because you would love to knit easy peasy garter stitch, but you don’t because you dread the inevitable pick up)

Let's go with  B!
*It is mid August and I am too cheap to get a pedicure.  Am I the only woman on the  face of the Earth who wears sandals and shows her bare naked toenails? I've never had a pedicure in my life, and wear flip flops all summer! SCANDALOUS!
*Admit you last impulse purchase.  There’s no judgement here!  I swear.  C’mon , tell us. !!
I think---maybe some gradient yarn from Knit Picks?

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The happiest time of the year--

--for West Coast professors.

In May, sad West Coast professors are sad because everyone everywhere else in the world is giving finals and wrapping up the school year. We are sad because we still have several weeks of school until vacation. For whatever reasons, many WC Universities stick to a 'quarter' system where we have three 'terms' during the academic year (and summer term, for four quarters). As a result, we start back toward the end of September and finish 11 weeks later, usually the week right after Thanksgiving.

So that means I have a little more than 5 weeks of vacation left, and I'm glad that gives me time to continue to work on organizing the coast house. Some of the trees came down yesterday and the rest coming down today. We'll be there this weekend with our first visitors--my friend James and his family from NYC. I've known him since I was 3 years old (and he was 5) and haven't seen them for a long time. They'll pop in for lunch and to see the house on their way from Bend to Portland (yes, it is out of the way, about 2 hours, but now that the trees will be down it will be worth it).

I am working (hard) on getting my head around the new reality of having two places to live and the organization that it will take, and I really need to always stop and take a moment and be so so grateful for this amazing thing that Tim and I have built.  We are incredibly lucky to have built our dream house.

Now that the guest room bed is cleared off, I can take pictures of the green thing:

That remaining ball is as big as my fist---or a bit bigger--so this scarf isn't quite as big as it looks. Some cool pooling is happening, which is pretty astonishing for linen stitch, right?

Have you read Nancy Thayer books? I decided I needed a break from mysteries and so started on "Island Girls" (the least expensive Kindle one). It is fine--a bit chick lit-y, a bit serious, I think it is going to end up too cute, but there you go. A good summer book.

Monday, August 13, 2018

My never ending projects

It seems like I've been knitting on this shawl and the green and yellow shawl forever.
There are three stitches that form the 'backbone' of the shawl, and I kind of flubbed up the written pattern but I like how it looks anyway. I have two more rows and then the sanquhar (drink Twinnie) section is done. Then there's some garter rows and then a HUGE section of basketweave in the navy color.  Each row is taking forever (there are four stitches increased per RS row).

This weekend was busy, in good ways.  Saturday we met friends from in- and out-of town for a picnic by the river at lunchtime and then of course I had to scamper away for the 'First Look'. Still don't have any of Calypso, but here's one with the happy couple and Georgia:

Georgia,  like Tink, was quite interested in the bouquet.

The bride's dress was pretty--it is lined in a flesh colored fabric all the way to the bottom, and she has kind of flesh colored shoes on (I'm not sure if these are her 'real' bridal shoes or some that she was advised to wear to the farm). 

I'm not sure if an alpaca farm is the best site for a photo shoot, unless you want photos of alpacas in the distance hanging out.

Saturday night we started the movie "The Leisure Seeker" but turned it off because it wasn't good. We're now watching a three-part Agatha Christie mystery on Amazon prime called "Ordeal by Innocence" which is good (it stars Bill Nighy, whom we both love).

Sunday morning we took a long (about 5 miles) walk with the dogs. It was a beautiful morning and we walked from our house down to the river (about 1.5 miles), walked along the river and stopped for coffee at the grocery store, and then walked back the 'long way' through Hendricks Park. We got home, had breakfast, and then Tim checked in with the guy on the coast who is going to cut the trees down about a time to meet with him to go over which trees (something he wanted to do, as we had already put markers on the trees but he just wanted an in person meeting which is fine). He was actually free that afternoon, so we scurried around to throw lunch together and load the car with a bunch of stuff to take out to the coast (thank you to Kym for her organizational thoughts--I'm inventorying everything that goes out to the coast house). So Tim went to meet with the tree guy and I stayed here to clean up the guest room (at some point, we're taking out the guest room bed to sleep on at the coast house, and it was currently serving as a yarn project receptacle). I did the linen laundry from that bed so it will be clean when we take it out. I also tracked down (online) the bathroom towel bars we want for the house so Tim and I could go over how many we need.

Tim got caught in traffic and didn't get home til a bit after 7:20. I made some sausages and we then just kind of collapsed.

We are waiting to hear about the occupancy permit.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Alpaca Surprise!

This very cute couple is getting married in about 55 minutes, and the groom surprised the bride by bringing her to the farm to photograph the 'first look'.

This is apparently a THING now that there are photos of the bride and groom before the wedding of the first time the groom sees the bride.

She didn't know she was coming to the farm, and she was surprised. Apparently she loves llamas and alpacas but there's a difference between loving them and wanting them in your wedding pictures.

That's Tink, very interested in the bouquet.

The photographer didn't seem to get the idea that livestock can't be posed.

At one point we had Calypso on a halter and he was NOT happy. I think there may be some ok photos but he was very stressed (and I think he was making the bride and groom nervous). I did get kicked but he wasn't trying to kick me very hard.

It was a novel experience, I can tell you that, and I'll be interested in seeing if Ann does this again.

Hopefully I'll have a Calypso picture to show you at some point.

Friday, August 10, 2018


It is Friday, and this week has just flown by.  Let's do a TGIF, shall we?
Thinking about...two things (well, lots more than two things but let's start with two). First, getting organized. All of a sudden, we now have two houses to take care of. I know some of you have a vacation home so if you have any tips for staying organized (with bills, with knowing what is at either house, with maintenance stuff) let me know.  Part of me wishes that I could just give a blank check to someone and they can fix it all up nice for us. But a. I don't have a blank check and b. that kind of defeats the purpose of building a dream house. I'm sort of organized but I can be not organized, I am good with to-do lists, and I just have to figure out the best way to make it work.

The other thing I'm thinking about is my odd visit to Target yesterday. I had a list of things we need for the new house that we don't have duplicates of here (for example, we have plenty of mugs we can take to the new house. We do not have plenty of silverware). The Target was, to put it simply, a disaster. I don't know if I hit it on a day when they were changing over from summer to back to school, but every shelf was at least half empty and every aisle was clogged with giant boxes (and even though I am prone to exaggeration, I am not exaggerating).  I got everything I needed and luckily the only color left in towels was grey, which I wanted (although bright red was my first choice, but no bright red existed anywhere). On top of that, there is no air conditioning at my local Target. Really. I was breaking into a sweat and I didn't know if it was 'my own private summer' or what but I noticed the checker was also sweating and she told me they don't have air conditioning--that they pump in cool air in the morning and recirculate it all day. And after a few hot days, there isn't that much cool air in the morning. Isn't that weird? She told me temperatures for the store were controlled by HQ in Minneapolis. ISN'T THAT WEIRD?? So just an odd Target experience.

Grateful for..Tim, who puts up with me.

Inspired by...the Australiana Alphabet. I'm now on the 'G'.

This is about nine hours of stitching! The G is for the Goanna, a type of monitor lizard in Australia. There is much more lizard to come.

Fun....tomorrow will be fun as we're having a picnic with some in-town and out-of-town friends and then the SURPRISE at Aragon Alpacas. It is really only a surprise for you, as I think you will be delighted with the photos I will post.

Thursday, August 09, 2018


I think if I had to name this pattern (which is Study Hall, I think, on Knitty), I would call it unwieldly.

 There are lots of stitches on the needle at this point. I have (almost) four out of six repeatss done of the second sanquhar (drink Twinnie) pattern. Then there is a quite lengthy basketweave pattern. Here are the four repeats:

Thanks for the reading suggestions yesterday! As sort of a 'palate cleanser' (from mysteries), I'm reading Jenna Fischer's book on breaking in to the acting business. She was "Pam" on "The Office" and is from St. Louis (as am I) and was a theater major in college (as was I, for a year) so we have so much in common we might as well be sisters.

Yesterday I went to the farm in the morning and spent the rest of the day working and elevating my toe (the pain is down to one toe, it is a bit swollen and a bit red but not bruised). I got a lot of things done, including reading an interesting masters thesis from Australia (they ask outside researchers to read and respond to graduate work, and I get paid something like $200, and I have friends at the University that asked me, so I said yes, of course!). It was pretty good and I wrote three pages of notes so that should cover my effort.

Off to run some errands this morning and then work on another project this afternoon. I think I feel a bit industrious because it is another hot day--should be about 100 today, and that pushes me to do a lot of stuff in the morning and then I'm just rolling so I keep on rolling.

There's something very cute happening on Saturday at the farm but I won't spoil it now. Do you want to guess?

Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Before I explain the ouch,  here is the newest car knitting:

It is (maybe) Dashing Dachs in some type of rainbow colorway. It is pretty and happy, and fun to knit. I'm good with the pooling.

So the ouch. I got up last night and rammed my right foot's little toes into a door jamb. It hurt like hell, and I was wondering if I broke one or more of the toes. This morning it still hurts, although I can walk on it (I have been told twice that I have a high tolerance for pain--once when I dislocated my shoulder in Canada and once when I broke my collarbone in Costa Rica, so unfortunately the pain level may not be an indicator of what is going on). Tim thinks  I jammed the toes or sprained them. Hopefully they will feel better soon.

I finished reading the second Merry Folger Nantucket mystery (Death in Rough Water) and it wasn't as good as the first one---I got bored several times and almost stopped but whenever that happened SOMEONE ELSE WAS MURDERED and so that kept me going. It also got a little romance-y at the end and that wasn't really what I want in a murder mystery. 

I haven't found a GREAT BOOK of the summer yet and I really would like to.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Questions from Kathy

Come, share your deepest and darkest secrets with Kathy.  And me too, I guess.

OK maybe not so deep and dark.

1-do you like to go in guided tours or go it alone? I hate guided tours.
2- when u go to a yarn shop do you  look at all the yarns ? No, I get overwhelmed!
3- when was the last time you swam in a pool? Two years ago in Hawaii.
4- whats your favorite college or university team to follow? GO DUCKS!
5- what radio station is your car set to? I have six presets: 1. NPR 2. Local non commercial music station 3. Classic Rock 4. Pop 5. Classic Rock 6. Classical. I usually focus on 1, 2 and 6. I can't stand radio commercials. 

Which makes my choice of profession--Professor of ADVERTISING--interesting, does it not?

Are you ready? So many pictures!

First, the felted slippers!

Yep, they look pretty much like the knitted slippers (although I'm not sure I actually showed you the yellow ones). The blue ones are clog-like (picture doesn't do them justice) and while the yellow ones look like they would only fit on bound feet, they actually do fit pretty well. I might get insoles for them, and I might throw them in with the next pair to felt them down a bit more. But yay! Two pairs of slippers and most importantly--stash is used up!

We woke up early yesterday and headed out to the house--we left a bit after 7:30 and were there before 10am. We had a meeting with our builders, Dave and Ian, at 11 but Dave was there when we got there, working on the sauna.

We went and bushwhacked on the new lot, and also we marked which trees we want to cut down.

It is really dense and steep. We got about halfway down the property and gave up. I think we marked ten trees to take down, and that is maybe a gazillionth of all the trees on the lot (ok I exaggerate). The view is going to be great!

And a few house pictures--you've seen most of these views. First is the utility room, which has the laundry and a sink and lots of storage:

 OUr bathroom vanityies with two giant drawers and two pretty big drawers.
 The kitchen with the appliances in

Tim enjoying lunch on the counter.

 The great room--and the trees you see will be gone soon.
The dogs like the deck!
I forgot to do a video of riding the elevator. The good news is that it does not make me feel claustrophobic and it is kind of cool. Pilot road in it with me, Comet took the stairs.

We have a garage door opener so we're all official now.

We stopped off at Del Taco on the way home and got back a little after 4. It was a long day but a good day.

And when we got home--look what we found:

I honestly think these wisteria are bewitched---I have no idea when they bloom and when they don't bloom, but I think it is a few months too late for them to bloom? I did prune this back a few weeks ago and I did read that pruning encourages growth, so maybe that happened?

It needs pruning again, so maybe that will happen today if it isn't too hot out.

I hope your weekend was a good one!