Monday, August 06, 2018

Are you ready? So many pictures!

First, the felted slippers!

Yep, they look pretty much like the knitted slippers (although I'm not sure I actually showed you the yellow ones). The blue ones are clog-like (picture doesn't do them justice) and while the yellow ones look like they would only fit on bound feet, they actually do fit pretty well. I might get insoles for them, and I might throw them in with the next pair to felt them down a bit more. But yay! Two pairs of slippers and most importantly--stash is used up!

We woke up early yesterday and headed out to the house--we left a bit after 7:30 and were there before 10am. We had a meeting with our builders, Dave and Ian, at 11 but Dave was there when we got there, working on the sauna.

We went and bushwhacked on the new lot, and also we marked which trees we want to cut down.

It is really dense and steep. We got about halfway down the property and gave up. I think we marked ten trees to take down, and that is maybe a gazillionth of all the trees on the lot (ok I exaggerate). The view is going to be great!

And a few house pictures--you've seen most of these views. First is the utility room, which has the laundry and a sink and lots of storage:

 OUr bathroom vanityies with two giant drawers and two pretty big drawers.
 The kitchen with the appliances in

Tim enjoying lunch on the counter.

 The great room--and the trees you see will be gone soon.
The dogs like the deck!
I forgot to do a video of riding the elevator. The good news is that it does not make me feel claustrophobic and it is kind of cool. Pilot road in it with me, Comet took the stairs.

We have a garage door opener so we're all official now.

We stopped off at Del Taco on the way home and got back a little after 4. It was a long day but a good day.

And when we got home--look what we found:

I honestly think these wisteria are bewitched---I have no idea when they bloom and when they don't bloom, but I think it is a few months too late for them to bloom? I did prune this back a few weeks ago and I did read that pruning encourages growth, so maybe that happened?

It needs pruning again, so maybe that will happen today if it isn't too hot out.

I hope your weekend was a good one!


Vera said...

Love seeing all the pics - thanks for sharing.

Our wisteria blooms all the time. Mainly late Spring, but we've had blooms in the Fall too. Fletch has to constantly prune it, because it is on an arbor against our patio and it has wedged itself under the siding...a HUGE problem....

Delighted Hands said...

Love the pics and all your plans! The Wisteria does bloom earlier in the year but it obviously liked the pruning so have at it!

Kym said...

Sorry. . . I sort of stopped reading at "working on the sauna." (Because I've been clamoring for a sauna for years now!) Seriously, it all looks quite marvelous! You must be thrilled with all the details coming together. (And my wisteria blooms 2 or 3 times a season. There's the BIG bloom in spring, then a couple of minor blooms in the late summer and early fall.) XO

Tired Teacher said...

Yikes, the trees are quite dense! You'll definitely enjoy the view after they are felled. ❤️ all the photos of your new home - it's gorgeous.