Wednesday, August 29, 2018

B is for Busy-ness

These last few days have been very busy as I am scrambling to take care of school stuff and house stuff and life stuff. We are headed to the coast for the weekend and then back here for a few days and then I'll be over at the house for 9 days before I have to come back for a bunch of meetings here. Tim will be there for over 2 weeks; his good friend from Germany will arrive when I'm back for meetings and then I'll zip back over for a long weekend before classes start.

So Monday I was at the farm, and then had errands, and then had to go to the Title company to sign off on something because--OH I didn't tell you all we finally have the occupancy permit! So that starts all the 'wrapping up' of stuff. Then yesterday I went over to school and dropped off my computer so the tech guys (not sexist, really, all the tech people at the J school are guys. All the academic advisors are women. It is a bit odd) anyway so the tech guys could migrate my old computer to a new computer (we get a new computer every four years, apparently, so I now have MacBook Pro with that bar across the top that I have no idea what it is good for. It does use a thumbprint to log me in so that is kind of cool.

And after dropping that off I had a dentist appointment, and then had to go back to school and wait around while they futzed with the computer and did my thumbprint thing. Then I had a message that the appraiser was on the coast and could he pop in to take photos for the appraisal? I'm, of course, two hours away but several phone calls straightened that all out.

Today I'm going out to see if I can find some not-expensive mirrors for the house (because on the never ending list of things you need for a brand new house, mirrors are on that list). I'm pretty organized for our short trip out to the house this weekend, but of course that is likely to change.

I did do a little stitching. H is for Honeyeater, a small bird found in Australia. Here it is enjoying some honey from a flower.

And here is a female in real life.

I also packed up my Beekeepers Quilt to take to the coast--and I'll just leave it there and hopefully will finish it so we'll have a nice cozy quilt for a bed there. I think it is a wise choice to have a project that I don't take back and forth--there will always be something for me there to work on. 


kathy b said...

Cool Birds

We were at homegoods yesterday in Lake Geneva and they had several mirrors that were reasonably priced.
Do you have one near you?

Kim in Oregon said...

I was there this morning! They didn't have any. :-(. I found some at the Home Depot though.

Caffeine Girl said...

Kim, I just loved your comment to your male colleague. I tried to email, but blogger isn't working right. Brilliant comment!

Tired Teacher said...

Nice stitching. I think it's wise to have a project that stays at the house so it will always be available. I'm glad you found your mirrors. Enjoy your first night at the new house.

elns said...

You are rather busy!!

Your cross stitch is beautiful. I'm not a bird person, so thank you for sharing the actual picture of the bird too.

Delighted Hands said...

that's a good idea to leave a few projects there to work on! They will feel new and fresh that way.
It is a lot of red tape to get into a new house! Hope you enjoy your weekend plus visit!