Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Back to the needle(s)

We are pretty much done with hoopla--Alpaca party hoopla and lot hoopla--and now we just have to start arranging for the final things to get done before we can get the occupancy permit.  Much of that right now involves getting our cable/phone provider up to speed to turn stuff on---I may have mentioned we have an elevator* and homes with elevators are required to have land lines, and we're getting it through the cable/wifi people, who are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Anyway, enough worrying, it will all get done, and let's think about some Flannel Flowers.

This one was the most straightforward one I had, since the F is a pretty 'straight line' letter and the flowers are sprinkled around it. I started on the G which is some type of rodent.  That one is not so striaghtforward.

It is August, and while 'Back to School' is in full swing in many places I still am lucky enough to have 6 1/2 weeks of vacation left. I have almost my whole to-do list checked off and have done quite a bit of writing this week in between all the hoopla.  That feels good. I realized that of the four classes I teach next year, three are new preps, and that gave me pause but it is just going to be that kind of year.

I read "Snap" which is on the Man Booker list and it was very good--a mystery/police procedural really unlike any I have ever read. If you like really good mysteries, with a bunch of flawed characters, this could be your next book.

*All of our living space is on the second floor, and we hope to live there until the end of our days, and the elevator will help with groceries once we reach an age when steps are a bit more challenging.


Tired Teacher said...

A wise decision to install the elevator, as stairs are painful for knees and other joints as age advances. Whenever I return from visiting my sister and niece (their houses have LOTS of stairs) it takes my knees a good two weeks to stop aching.

Vera said...

Your stitching is looking so nice. The elevator will be a huge help!!

Delighted Hands said...

Very cool to have an elevator! My dream home is a L-shaped ranch because I know that one day, stairs will be impossible! How exciting to be on the count down to occupancy!!! Excited for you!

kathy b said...

Very smart elevator move! We had one at a beach house we rented and it was a revelation to us!
We had lovely cable people here today. We are DONE with our contract with a prior company in 21 days. Their internet service was so poor. THe new folks seem so real. The speed is already crazy better! No bandwidth limits, etc. HOORAY we made it through the two year contract somehow.

Kym said...

I just read Snap, too! I really liked it. Very different . . . for a Man Booker!